Saturday, September 15, 2012

My favorite drink.

Last night Miss H and I started getting into some kinky fun and somewhere along the line I half jokingly mentioned something about how I haven't had to drink any of her piss recently (ok, fine, so I was dead serious about it but still trying to act like I was just joking). She thought about it for a minute, crooked her head to the side, and then smiled. "You're absolutely right", she said with an air of mischief in her voice. "I'll be right back". She returned not long after with a small wine glass, one that she keeps in her bathroom for just such a purpose, filled with her warm, fresh pee.

I reached for the glass and was about to eagerly gulp it down when she intervened. "No, get on your knees in front of me first", she commanded. I did as I was told and soon the first sip passed my lips as I furiously stroked my little boy clit, unable to look at her as I put on this pathetic spectacle in front of her. My mind burned with humiliation and shame but my cock raged and dripped as I thought about what she must think as she watched me drink down every last drop.

Miss H refilled my cup two more times that night, each time making me repeat the same embarrassing process in front of her. Each time feeling a bit worse about it then before, as my eagerness to be her piss slave was becoming more and more blatantly obvious. I tried to act like it wasn't turning me on but it wasn't hard to see the truth. Each time I heard the bathroom door open I would practically run and dive to get down on my knees to await my special treat, jacking off like a madman in horny anticipation.

Near the end of the night she mentioned how much she enjoyed having me drink her piss, how it was so degrading and something that she might want to add to into our regular rotation, perhaps becoming a new "daily ritual", one of those small but significant things that we do on a daily basis that keeps us in the FLR zone even when vanilla life tries its best to dampen that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

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