Thursday, August 29, 2013

A day off equals a day of fun.

Today was an unexpected day off for me which was a pleasant surprise. This time last week I figured I'd be trudging away at work, patiently counting the minutes till Friday night so Miss H and I could have a night together. Luck worked in my favor though and here I was with a whole day off to myself. Miss H knew I would be out running errands this morning so when I got this text message I figured something was up -

"Let me know when you get home".

I got back from my final trip of the day, a stop at Target, and texted her I was home.

"I just sent you an email", was her followup.

I zipped onto my laptop and read her message. It wasn't long, just about five bullet points, but it basically said that I needed to get dressed in an outfit of my choice, with makeup, wig, etc and that I was allowed to masturbate for a total of 90 minutes broken up any way I wanted till 3pm. I was also to finish up any of the indoor chores that I had already been planning on doing, just now they would be done while en femme.

Its been a while since I did my own makeup so I wasn't really pleased with the results, hence no full body/face shots, but I've posted a few pics of the start of the morning. It's about 1:30pm EST as I write this so I have time to get into some other naughty things before I have to get changed back at 3pm, so you'll have to excuse me. I'll try to post the rest of the pics tomorrow or the day after.

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