Friday, August 30, 2013

A maid for the maid?

When Miss H and I first started discussing engaging in a Female Led Relationship, one of the things that really excited me was the thought that I would truly be the submissive and lower ranking member of the relationship, not just in a sexual manner but in just about every aspect. For instance we talked about how I would take a much more service oriented/slave role to Miss H in terms of things like doing the housework, running errands for her, pampering her, etc. This seemed like it would be a win/win for both of us. Miss H is busy with a ton of things and doesn't have time to take care of a lot of the day to day activities like doing the dishes that have to be done in order to keep a household running. I on the other hand usually have a bit more flexible schedule and free time so it would be much easier for me. Not only that, being her maid had a bunch of other "perks" for me as well.

From a sexual stand point, doing what ever it is that Miss H commands really helps put me in the submissive, attentive mindset that she enjoys. With a "honey, could you do the laundry when you get a chance?", I feel like I have a say in the matter and that we're kind of on the same level. When it's "Sissy, make sure the laundry is done by the time I get home. No excuses", then I immediately know what I have to do and there isn't any other choice. It just really reenforces her superior status above me and keeps everything running smoothly in our relationship. There's no anger that I'm being lazy, or not pulling my fair share, she says what she wants done and I happily do it. Perfect, huh?

The problem is, and to be honest it's not a problem, but more of an observation, problem is probably a misstatement, but the issue is that I feel like Miss H doesn't really take advantage of what she has available to her. Let me explain, this week I've had a lot of extra time off from work so I told Miss H I was planning on doing a lot around the house so if there was anything she needed to just let me know. She didn't have much, which was fine, so I took care of it then did some other chores around the house. Today I was off again and she mentioned that she had some prescriptions to pickup from Walgreens that I could pick up if I had time (and to txt her if I couldn't so she could on her way home from work) and that if I was going to a certain farm market near our house to get her some of this special chicken salad she liked, but only if I felt like getting it.

I appreciate the fact that she was being considerate (Miss H's personality type is a real pleaser and non confrontational if at all possible), but in the back of my mind I'm thinking we just got back in the swing of the FLR so why not take advantage of it? If you want certain things done, tell me what you want and I'll take care of it. If I told her I had bought her the services of a personal assistant for a month, would she be so reluctant to use him/her for what they were supposed to do?

I realize it sounds like I'm complaining and trying to top from the bottom, but in reality I feel like I'm just trying to let her know what she has. It's like I bought her a 60" 3D HDTV and she's perfectly content watching an old black and white movie over standard cable. I'm not telling her what to watch, just showing her what features she can choose to use if she would like ;)

Also, it might seem odd to post this here instead of just talking with her one on one but for some reason it's hard to bring up stuff like this in person. I never seem to get my point across properly so writing it down helps me keep things in order and more coherent. Plus posting it to the blog helps in another manner, if I am acting like a dick or 100% right about about certain things I usually get comments or messages clearly telling me one way or the other, which is a nice way to get an unbiased, outsiders opinion on things.

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  1. It's a little scary reading your comments above as they are so similar to my recent experiences. I had done a heap of cleaning of bathrooms and toilets in our house while my lady was away over a weekend. when she got home she praised me on a wonderful job! I was so let down mainly because I had recently led her through a scene where she ordered me to clean something then inspected my work then told me it was inadequate and spanked me. (exactly, topping from the bottom but like you I was also trying to show her how she could use me!) anyway, she just didn't get it that I wanted the same deal! I have said to my wife: 'you know you have a super power if you chose to use it.' but she leaves it untapped.

    lill jo