Tuesday, August 27, 2013

So I think I just milked myself.

Ok, here's the situation, I was off of work today because we were having a guy come out to look at our water heater. He wasn't coming till at least noon so Miss H wanted me dressed in some nice panties, a bra, and a butt plug. Here's what that looked like -

I was allowed to masturbate but obviously not to cum. So after an extended period of edging myself over and over I decided to finally put the plug in. It took a minute to go in even with plenty of lube because its been a while since there has been anything in my ass (guess I need some more practice/training...). Once it was in I just groaned, it felt so good to be filled up and plugged again. My cock was already hard and twitching from playing with it earlier but it seemed to get even stiffer with the plug in. I knew better then to touch my little cock when I had a plug in because that would virtually guarantee an accident and I would end up cumming all over the place.

I wanted to be gentle so instead of fucking myself with the plug in and out like it was a dildo, I merely pushed on the base softly and in sort of a clockwise motion for maybe 20-30 seconds without touching myself at all.

 Then it happened.

Something I had never fully experienced before. I felt a soft flow of liquid out of my penis and into the sink I was standing in front of. It had the consistency of pre-cum but was slightly cloudier. I know what some people might be thinking, it was nothing more then a minor orgasm or ruined orgasm, but that wasn't it at all. I've had "accidents" where I've cum while trying to hold it in and plenty of ruined orgasms and this was different. There were no muscle contractions or feelings of forcefully ejecting anything. It just sort of spilled out on it's own. There were none of the usual stages, the build up, the feeling of being about to cum, the relaxation after ejaculating, none of that. 

Furthermore there was definitely one other major difference, as soon as I was done there was absolutely no post orgasm crash. Normally the minute I cum I want jump out of what ever outfit I'm wearing and watch ESPN or mow the lawn, or anything else to avoid the shame and embarrassment of thinking about whatever kinky, sissy thing I had just moments before been enjoying so much. This time, nothing changed at all. If anything I felt hornier.I guess that even though I hadn't been trying to, I had managed to massage my prostate enough to milk it into releasing some of the excess seminal fluid that had been building up into a massive reservoir inside me thanks to all the edgings without orgasm or ejaculation.

Now who knows if I'll ever be able to do it again, it just might have been one of those things were the stars were aligned correctly and luck was in the air, but it was a real eye opener this morning. Makes me wonder if I should try one of those prostate massager toys or maybe not give up so quick on cumming/getting milked when I'm being fucked by a dildo. Only time will tell.

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