Monday, June 6, 2011

Caged, plugged, diapered, and dressed.

A more descriptive title you could not come up with for the fun Miss H and I had last night. There is nothing that really gets me going as much as walking into the bedroom and seeing  the following laid out on the dresser for me to wear - my pink sating sissy dress, white crinoline, elbow length pink opera gloves, stockings, white platform shoes, some thick diapers, plastic panties, and a nice big butt plug.

The rules were simple, I would be wearing the diapers, CB-6000 cock cage, and  butt plug until I managed to piss the diaper while Miss H watched and laughed at me. I would be dressed of course the whole time and those would remain on the entire night, but sissy cock and ass wouldn't be released until I had earned it by showing my willingness to humiliate myself to Miss H. Naturally, to make it more difficult for me, Miss H again insisted that I first go into the bathroom and pee so I was totally empty before getting dressed and diapered up. The clock was then both literally and figuratively ticking because Miss H made it clear that she was tired and would be going to bed exactly at midnight. If I wanted any hope of having her touch that pathetic little sissy clit I would have to wet my diaper relatively soon because it wasn't until almost 10pm that I was fully dressed and the challenge began.

It was both highly erotic and horribly humiliating, dressed like a wimpy bitch, desperately gulping down water so I could pee in a diaper with only a remote chance of getting any sexual release and even then perhaps a few strokes of her hand at best. The entire time she barely paid any attention to me at all. I have a virtually all consuming level of horniness in place from the nightly tease and denial sessions so I'm completely focused on Miss H 24/7 and yet she was happy to just sit there and watch television while while I sat there literally shaking from pent up desire and sexual frustration. That level of dismissal and disregard may be upsetting to some people but it only gets me wetter. It drives me further into submission and a feeling of worthlessness, one that helps further define my state of subservience to my beautiful Mistress.

Oh, and if you're curious I finally was able to piss myself around 11:15. However by then it was almost to late, Miss H was getting tired as was evident by her virtually ignoring me as I stood in front of her, wetting my diaper. Normally she would have watched with a sick smile on her face, the whole time berating and making fun of me for what I was being forced to do. This time though her face was buried in a magazine and she glanced up once or twice then sent me off to clean up before returning for my reward, being unlocked from the cock cage and masturbated to near orgasm over and over again. Shortly after I fell asleep in her arms, fully dressed, her leg gently brushing against my white stockings, secure in the knowledge that there was no where else in the world I would rather be at that moment in time.

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