Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Points of Intrigue

I've been wearing my CB-6000 for months now on a daily basis and have found it to be quite comfortable and wearing it has become as routine a part of my day as brushing my teeth. It's been so long since I've had this particular model of the CB series that I had forgotten about one particular little accessory that Miss H purchased when she bought the CB-6000 for me last year. It's called the "points of intrigue" and it consists of a short plastic piece that slides into the base of the cock cage and has three sharp plastic teeth on it that are then pressed down against the wearers penis.

It basically serves two main purposes -

1) To provide additional security by preventing the user from attempting to escape the cage by pulling the shaft of the penis back out through the entrance of the CB-6000.You could still possibly due it,  but the resulting pain and damage would be enough of a deterrent for most men.

2) Make any attempt at achieving an erection while in the cage that much more painful. Anyone who has worn a cock cage before can attest that getting an erection while locked down is unpleasant as your penis is crushed and confined inside. With the points of intrigue it's even worse. The slightest erection and the pointy spikes immediately dig into you and cause sufficient pain to soften right up.

Anyway, last night Miss H gave me an especially long and wonderful tease and denial session. As we were basking in the afterglow (well, she was basking in post orgasmic bliss while I lay there desperate for any sort of release, pre cum flowing through the front of my panties like a broken water pipe) she mentioned that I could take a break from the CB-6000 and keep it off until noon today. I was surprised by her generosity but it didn't take long to find out why.

She wanted to try the points of intrigue today and by letting me put on the cage and spikes at noon, I would only have to wear them a few hours before she got home instead of the entire day. That way if the cage was now too painful with the new additional security in place, I didn't have to suffer to long. She also allowed me to use a plastic lock instead of the normal metal one so if there was an actual emergency such as severe physical damage I could cut the lock off right away. Of course having the lock off before Miss H arrived home would result in a severe penalty. This was still better then having a penis that looked like it when through something from Saw or Hostel.

So, what's the verdict after having Miss H's cock caged and wrapped in spikes for the past hour? Well, so far the spikes are definitely pressing into the shaft rather deep but it's not overly painful, then again I've been rather sedentary since it's been on and haven't exactly been doing jumping jacks. Also, and probably most importantly, I haven't had an erection since it has been on. So long as I remain relatively calm, the spikes don't seem that bad. Yes, they're firmly pressing into my flesh but the force is directly downward so it's more a feeling of pressure then pain. 
When the penis is moved, such as when I would get hard or when I try to adjust Miss H's cock inside the cage (which I literally just did to test the effects of the spikes) then because the spikes are already pushing down, they tend to scrape across and dig into the penis as the skin is pulled or moved. While not a kick in the kidney's type pain, it certainly is enough to make you grunt under your breath and wince rather severely. It's more then enough negative reinforcement to prevent activities that Miss H would frown upon.

I don't know how practical it would be to wear the points of intrigue on a daily basis due to the risk of injury, but for short periods such as a day or so then they would be an interesting thing to play around with. Then again that's the same thing I said when Miss H first started putting me in my cock cage to begin with, so who knows what the future holds, for I'm sure Miss H has all sorts of diabolical ideas in mind for the cage and those spikes.


  1. hi the points have been installed in my 6000 short so that any growth in girth will push the points into my penis . as there is no room to grow in length this is quite a severe consequence for the man wearing the 6000 short
    its what is called a training tool it works