Thursday, June 9, 2011

Update on the Points of Intrigue

So after yesterday's post about the spiky new addon for my CB-6000, I got to test out the Points of Intrigue in more depth later in the day. When Miss H got home from work she allowed me the pleasure of sucking and kissing her feet after removing all my clothes and getting down on all fours before her. It didn't take long before I started to feel the blood rush into Miss H's sissy cock. I managed to barely get my tongue halfway down her foot before the pain shot through me and made me buck up. The pain of the spikes with a mild erection is nothing like the one from a real full erection.

This of course elicited a evil chuckle from Miss H. She made some joke about the spikes, I don't remember exactly what it was because I was to busy trying not to scream out in pain. It wasn't the most painful thing I've ever felt but it certainly wasn't something that I would call enjoyable. It did provide enough of a kick though that it didn't take long to lose my attempted erection. Which would have been good except that Miss H insisted I continue with her foot worship. So a vicious cycle was born, I would begin licking her feet which quickly brought about a new erection, which then caused me to curl into the fetal position until it started to subside, and then repeat. Over and over until Miss H was satisfied I had suffered enough.

Thankfully I was allowed to take it off after I had completed my task to her satisfaction. The points of intrigue have gone from what I thought would be nothing more then a mere novelty to something that I would genuinely dread being made to wear again. I can totally see a scenario where Miss H would do something wicked like have the spikes in place and send a non-stop barrage of sexy txt msg's while I'm at work or out with friends. The thought of me doubling over in pain while out in a public place would delight her to no end, she would revel in the pure power she has over me even when we would be so very far apart. Or how evil would it be to simply tie me to the bed and place my laptop on the dresser, porn playing while I'm both desperately horny and yet struggling to not get an erection at the same time for fear of feeling those spikes?

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