Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mind fuck.

Last night Miss H and I were in the mood for a movie. Nothing overly in depth or intelligent, just a vapid bit of mindless fun to relax after a long week for both of us. We finally settled on Predators (don't ask) which as you might imagine was not an oscar contender by any means.

About half way through we started losing interest in the movie and began showing more interest in each other. What started as some gentle leg rubbing soon progressed into her slowly and methodically jerking me off. "Get up, strip, get a rubber glove, and meet me in your bathroom", she whispered in my ear as she rose from the bed. This is how she milks me so when I heard this I was a bit surprised. Miss H had told me that I would be milked Sunday night, she hadn't said anything about last night so I was almost a little dissapointed. I love being in that extreme state of horniness that being in extended chastity brings about, so when I'm allowed release (even though I don't orgasm) I still kind of mentally break out of the sub zone for a little while and it sort of "resets" my horniness to a lesser degree.

I mumbled something about please don't let me cum but Miss H was having none of it. I stood in front of the sink totally naked as Miss H put on the glove, lubed it up, and then began to forcefully and quickly stroke me. I literally lasted about five seconds before I could feel myself getting ready to cum. "I'm going to cum", I grunted as she immediately removed her hand, just in time to prevent me from actually orgasming. Instead it was ruined, a thick load of cum just gently spilling out and forming a huge puddle on the sink. No pleasure, just a slow draining of Miss H's cock. She waited for the leaking to stop before once again taking hold of me and rubbing once more. Within a about three strokes I felt that urge again. "cum", was all I could get out as she stopped, leaving me to dribble out even more milky cum. Another potential orgasm ruined. No pleasure for me.

I was a little bummed at this point. Miss H pulled off her glove, threw it in the sink and walked off. "Just be happy I'm not making you lick it all up. This time.", she said as she headed back into the bedroom, the sounds of the movie filling the room as I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I wasn't really horny at all anymore and was annoyed that I had been expecting to enjoy the next few days before my milking on Sunday night. Miss H was well aware of this and took full advantage of it.

When I walked back into the bedroom she seemed engrossed in the movie and didn't pay much attention to me. Without looking away from from the screen she calmly spoke again, "get dressed, your outfit is on the bed and don't forget the short pink wig over there". I cringed because there's something about wearing wigs that gets to me sometimes. When I'm crazy horny, there's nothing that I don't want to do or try, the kinkier and more humiliating the better. Of course on the flip side, when I'm not all that horny, like I was at that particular point, wearing the wig just kind of makes me feel stupid. I feel like a guy in women's clothes who just looks silly, like that funny gag in every sitcom where the big manly guy puts on a dress and every gets a good laugh over it.

I made some half hearted attempts to get out of it, but the evil twinkle in Miss H's eyes told me that wasn't going to happen. I asked her to at least turn off the light in the room. That was refused as well. I didn't want to make her mad so I begrudgingly did as I was told. 6" black patent platforms, black fishnet stockings, pink sequin dress, pink pvc bustier, and short, bright pink wig. I quickly got dressed as Miss H watched every movement intently. I was so embarrassed and not even slightly in the mood for this anymore. I couldn't even look her in the face, I just got dressed and rolled into bed next to her, my eyes averted downward.

After about 30 minutes or so I started to kind of get back in the mood as Miss H's hand slowly circled my abdomen, getting closer and closer, but never actually touching her property between my legs. It wasn't long before I was back and begging her to touch me and being bold, even asking to be allowed to be inside of her. She just laughed at those suggestions but did allow me to dry hump her ass for a short while as we prepared for bed.

I thanked her for allowing me to dress again and she just smiled. "do you know why I made you dress when I knew you didn't want to?" she asked. "It's for two reasons, number one because you need to know your place in our relationship. This is what you are, and you need to accept it. Second, and most importantly, I did it because it's easy to make you do something you want to do, but when you do something you despise just because I told you to, well that's control."

" I control you".


  1. Hi C,

    I can so relate to this experience, thanks for sharing it. I came the other night when on other end of a wonderful pegging from Master Amber (even tho I was caged).

    There was no intention on Master Amber's part to ruin my orgasm (the cage did that anyway) or to give me milking but it was pleasant and it did break the spell momentarily.

    I have read that alot of chasitised subs/sissies lose interest once they cum/are allowed to cum so I was instantly concerned that a) Master Amber would be furious and b) I would be overwhelmed by feelings of shame and sobriety at the thoughts for further sissydom.

    However, Master Amber didn't act annoyed or anything but simply sent me to shower, clean out my CB, and then put it back on. I did briefly consider saying no but Master Amber did not let up.

    I am in no doubt that it is Her teasing that keeps me going (on Day 17 now) and now she knows how to push/pull my sissy buttons and submissive levers so well, I am putty in her hands.

    Just as Miss H said to you, I am also more, not less, in Master Amber's thrall now as in addition to being re-caged, and teased mercilessly, I also feel deliciously helpless to be so easily manipulated!)

  2. "it's easy to make you do something you want to do, but when you do something you despise just because I told you to, well that's control."

    Oh that's fantastic!

  3. @Sissy Sophie, I really like that term "sissy sobriety", it really does perfectly describe the post milking feeling. @Strongnsubmissive - It's something all right ;)