Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Punishment comes quickly.

In my last post I discussed the conversation Miss H and I had about find new potential punishments when I get out of line. It seems as though they've already started to go into effect. A little back story first, however. The following night after our talk Miss H was doing a few things in the other room while I laid in bed watching a baseball game. It wasn't all that late, maybe 9 or so at the latest, when I just flat out fell asleep. I didn't do it on purpose, just drifted off to sleep without even really thinking about it. I don't remember much that happened after that except for at some point in the night, I have no idea what time, Miss H came to bed and I woke up momentarily when I heard her.

She was perhaps mildly annoyed by my early night but didn't seem overly pissed at the situation. We exchanged a short "love you, good night", and I slunk back to joyful sleep. Unbeknownst to me, Miss H was now quite upset. The next morning I curled up around her beautiful body, trying my best to subtly prod her awake and possibly try to sneak in a little play time before work. The cold tone in her voice let me immediately know that her intentions were far from anything sexual. I don't remember the exact words she used but the general gist was that it was funny how I had the energy to try and obtain some sexual satisfaction this morning yet last night I was to tired to even make the effort to kiss her goodnight when she tried to say goodnight to me.

I was worried that she was really upset but before I could offer up any sort of excuse her voice mellowed and seemed to go back to normal. We briefly talked about a few of the more mundane things we needed to do that day then it was time for me to get up, shower, and head out. We kissed good bye when I was done and everything seemed right in the world. She wasn't pissed, I wasn't in trouble, and the sun was shining outside. It was going to be a good day.

The day itself was uneventful, just long and kind of boring. I get home from work before Miss H does so I plopped myself on the couch and grabbed a quick snack, hoping to catch a little NFL Live or PTI before she arrived home and we ate dinner. I turned on the TV and was met not by the warm, happy feeling of watching ESPN, but by a cold, blue, onscreen box asking for a PIN # in order to access this channel.


I checked ESPN2. Same thing. Comcast Sports Network? Ditto. I zipped through all of my favorite networks only to find each of them locked down and me unable to access them. The new flat screen HD TV in our bedroom was in the same sorry shape. I was hoping she may have forgotten about certain channels (the HD vs. the regular non HD one) or not known about others that were hidden up in the higher numbers. No such luck. Everything was gone, and I mean everything. NFL network, MLB network, even the god damn Big 10 network was gone.

I txted her about it, trying to play it cool and keeping it light hearted. She was rather non nonchalant about the whole thing and she walked in so after. She didn't seem mad, if anything, the exact opposite. She was smiling ear to ear as I asked her about the TV lock down. "Don't worry", she smiled, "I won't stop you from watching your precious little sports. You just now have to ask me first so I can enter the PIN for you. As long as you're being good then you can probably watch some sports when ever you want. Just don't make me angry again or next time I might change my mind".

So for the past few days every time I want to watch something I have to go up to her and politely ask permission to watch a game. So far I've been good, now I just have to keep it up, or sneak a TV out to the shed ;)

To be honest, as much as I hate the idea of potentially missing certain games because Miss H might not let me watch them, I do totally get off on the new level of power she wields. Anything that makes me feel more submissive is a good thing, and in its own weird way, this really gets me off. One more thing I lose control off, becoming that much more submissive to my Mistress. One more way that we move closer to a true FLR relationship and away from "just some kinky fun in the bedroom".

I both like and fear how Miss H can be so icy and calculating. She doesn't need to throw a giant fit when something doesn't please her. She simply takes corrective action in a decisive, calm, overwhelming manner, leaving no question as to how she expects things to be.


  1. Ah yes, the best punishments are not the most obvious ones. I am glad Miss H decided to take her control of you to this next level.

    Mistress Aimee