Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in the cage

Miss H and I have been slowly but surely moving back into a full time FLR again and it's been going quite well. I don't think either of us are exactly back to where we want to be, but like I said, they're heading in that direction. I haven't been wearing the cage at all in at least the last month or so. A combination of health issues in regards to the penis (all of which are now resolved and healed) and a minor disconnect between Miss H and myself led to putting the cock cage on hold for a while. A week off for some penis chafing, a few days because we were fighting, etc and before you know it I had to take a minute to remember where the CB-6000 even was.

Miss H has tried gently nudging me into wearing it again for the last few days but it just never seemed to happen. It wasn't because I was directly refusing her suggestions, but more because it was something I meant to get around to but just never did. That came to a sudden end yesterday when Miss H laid down the law. Since her subtle suggestions weren't working she went back into Dom mode and simply told me the cage would be on me Monday morning or else. There wasn't a discussion about it, just an order to do as she commanded.

Having finally gotten back into our FLR and more specifically into our kinky life again, I was a bit reluctant to have to have the CB-6000 cage back on. I had gotten lazy and used to having complete control of my penis again. If I wanted to pee I would just walk into the bathroom and stand up. If I wanted to jerk off I could. That level of control was like a power rush and probably didn't help my submissive attitude toward Miss H. Having my cock back again meant I was emboldened to occasionally get snotty with Mistress. If I didn't do the chores I was supposed to, it wasn't as big a deal because that fear of no sexual contact was suddenly gone. The shift of power had swung in my direction.

A small part of me however did miss the cage. I missed the thrill of trying to keep Miss H happy, the challenge of trying to earn even a few minutes of her stroking the cock after releasing me from the cage. I loved the uncertainty of never knowing when my next orgasm was going to happen. It must be a sign of how submissive I really am though because even when I wasn't caged and could have cum as much as I wanted, I didn't. I jerked off a few times but it just didn't feel right to orgasm without having Miss H's permission. Sitting at home alone, horny, and Miss H would have never known yet I still couldn't do it.

Today though none of that really matters because of this.

The cage is now officially back on and this is day one of who knows how long. I thought it might be uncomfortable to wear it again full time but it's been like reuniting with an old friend.

An old friend who'll be close by me for a long time if Miss H has her way.

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