Friday, June 8, 2012

Like flicking a switch

While not a complete 180 degree turn around, my sex drive is suddenly renewed. A couple of days after writing my last blog post I got that little "itch" again. I'm not sure exactly caused it, the usual issues (lack of sleep, stress at work, etc) are all still there but all of a sudden I got the overwhelming urge to get back into things again. Sliding into some silky lingerie, feeling the confinement of the cock cage, hearing the ridicule from Miss H. I wanted it all again.

I'm not quite back to the "been in chastity for three months with no release and I'm fucking dying here" level of sexual need but it's definitely better then it's been for the past few weeks. Miss H and I have talked a bit since I wrote that last blog post and although we haven't had the long in depth conversation we probably should, it at least feels like we're on the same general wave length again. I'm sure at some point real soon we'll sit down and really hash things out but for the time being I'm happy we're at least easing back into things.

We've set aside tomorrow night as our first time to play in a long time. She's pretty insistent that I'll be dressed, probably paddled and who knows what else. It's going to be a bit awkward at first seeing as how we've been so vanilla lately but I don't think it will take to long to settle things down and get to the point where we can both enjoy ourselves.

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