Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fun in the sun.

Today is just balls ass nasty outside. Temperatures in the 90's, humidity like a sauna, and just an unpleasant experience to be outside. Luckily yesterday was a bit nicer when I had the day off. Still, it was pretty hot out then too so not wanting to just sit inside all day, I decided I'd take a quick trip down to the beach. Didn't want to go all the way down to Rehoboth, Delaware or any where that was going to be to packed with obnoxiously loud crowds of people, I instead figured I'd head off to a small tucked away beach that for the most part quite serene and quite, except for the occasional bird watcher or fisherman putting their boat into the water.

It was low tide when I got there so the beach stretched on for a couple of miles or so (it's much smaller when the tide comes in). It was quite the picturesque scene with seagulls running along the edge of the water and the waves gently lapping at the shore. I walked for a while along the beach admiring the sites and saying hello to the random people who popped up now and again.

It's amazing what a few days in chastity can do to you however, because even among all that beauty I couldn't stop thinking about the caged cock tucked inside panties that were neatly concealed by my cargo shorts. On a whim I decided to txt Miss H and let her know what I was up to. She enjoyed the pictures I took, hopefully you will too.

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