Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flexing her muscle

While it was far from a fight, Miss H and I had a bit of a minor dust up the other day. It wasn't so much we were arguing, it was more of a general kind of disconnect about some miscommunications we've had recently. We've both, in our own way, tried to being considerate and caring about the other person but these goodwill gestures are coming across much differently then intended. For example, we were out to eat and I was going up to get us both some dessert, and I thought it would be nice if Miss could just sit back and relax while I did the grunt work. I told her to sit back and I'll take care of things. Apparently my tone of voice or attitude wasn't what it should be so she took that as me telling her what to do, sit there and wait for my return. In hindsight it was pretty stupid, both us got upset in what ever insignificant way we did, and while no harsh words were exchanged, it was obvious that it bothered both of us.

I don't mean to sound as if I'm placing the blame on Miss H, because there are far more examples of me acting up and reacting to things she said in an inappropriate manner, but that was the first example that came to mind. Overall the past few days were just a result of a lot of stress and stupid things cropping up then anything else. It also didn't help matters that Miss H was sick for a few days and I was my usual horny self. Miss H and I rarely if ever fight so minor little things like us being a bit snarky with each other become overly obvious.

Miss H txted me basically saying that we had hit a small patch were neither of us was doing what they should in terms of our FLR relationship. When "real life" interferes we often put things on a temporary holding pattern, and this unfortunately, is when we always seem to have these little squabbles. Miss H usually rights the ship with a quick dose of authority and take charge attitude which magically does wonders for both of us. I think it gives her a level of control and stability she needs and it provides me with the discipline and structure that I crave so badly.  It's not just that we start getting kinky again, it's the, for a lack of a better description, the mood that surrounds us when Miss H is her normal dominant self that seems to fix what ever problems we may be going through. A simple, stern command, or unwelcome punishment does more for me to get us back in the proper frame of mind then if she were to put on a sexy outfit and try to "makeup".

It's hard to explain, it just feels like everything is in balance when she's in charge. I know what she wants and there's a real freedom in not having to make certain decisions, to just follow her rules and do what I know she truly wants. There's a huge yin-yang type component to our relationship. We compliment each others needs both mentally, emotionally, and sexually when we're following the FLR principles that we've established. When that balance is upset, that's when things start to slowly fray around the edges. Two days ago Miss H reined things in once again, and once again I can already feel the improvement between us. Things just "flow" better. No miscommunications, no hurt feelings, no tension at all. Just two people who love each other. It's crazy how a little change in mindset alters so many things.

She reined it in with the following txt -

"We've gotten far, far away from the rules established in The Principles. I'm pissed about it. So, for the next two days you must ask for permission to use the bathroom. And, I want you to pick one gay or transvestite story you like, send me the link, and tell me why you like it. You have until noon today."

I'll get into all of that tomorrow with my next post...

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