Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Risky business

If you read this blog regularly you've probably noticed that I tend to mention that I'm horny on a pretty much seemingly 24/7 basis. I don't mean to belabor the fact but when it's in the forefront of your mind all the time it tends to spill out in your writing. You write about what you know, and by now I'm an expert on not cumming when I want to. I can probably count on one hand the number of true orgasms I've had in the last year. Orgasms where I was allowed to cum where I wanted and how I wanted. No holding back, no ruined orgasms, just full release and pleasure.

There so infrequent that I almost put them out of my mind, no use obsessing about something I rarely get, especially now that Miss H seems to be allowing fewer and fewer of them. She already said I won't be cumming again this year, and a few weeks ago kind of half jokingly said that perhaps a year without being able to cum would be our next milestone. I hope she was just kidding but with her you never know. She's been *very* displeased with my post orgasm attitude recently so I'm not surprised she's having less and less of a problem extending my periods of chastity as time goes on.

Yesterday was an especially tough day for me because I was just on another level of horniness. There was no particular reason why, it on the surface was just like any other day, but I had total sex on the brain all damn day. I seemingly couldn't focus or really care about anything that wasn't sexual in nature. I wrote a new blog post, hung out on Tumblr looking at porn, goofed off on Twitter, and surfed the web for anything that I thought could quell my desires. Note to self, when your horny, looking at porn doesn't scratch that itch, it just makes it ten times worse. And no matter how many times I tell myself this time will be different, it isn't.

To make matters worse, Miss H was just bombing out the txt messages too. The second I thought I was calming down a bit, there she was stoking the fires again. She specifically told me not to put on my CB-6000 cock cage because if she wasn't overly busy at work, she wanted me available to toy with through out the day. Right before I was about to take a shower I got the first message saying I was allowed to edge myself for five minutes but not cum. Like a good girl I did what I was told, stopping exactly after those five painfully short minutes. I was desperate for more so Miss H allowed me ten more minutes to edge myself then go food shopping in the afternoon after work. If I was good and did what I was told I would then be allowed another ten minutes to edge when I returned. I of course jumped on the opportunity and was rewarded with more blissful masturbation time.

Miss H wasn't going to be home till late so I had the house to myself. I hadn't heard much from Miss H since early afternoon so I was dying to hear even the slightest little degrading or teasing txt. Anything at all from her, I was jonesing for her dirty messages. I started in on Tumblr again, each passing picture of a sissy being fucked or a dominant woman in PVC making the puddle in my panties that much bigger. That's when that first bad thought started to creep in.

"I could probably touch myself for a little while. As long as I don't cum, Miss H will never know". I could almost hear that little floating devil, like the one in the old Tom & Jerry cartoons, sitting on my shoulder and whispering in my ear. That's really unlike me because when Miss H lays down the law, I tend to follow it. Otherwise bad things happen, like having her lock out all my sports channels, or locking me in the CB-6000 and not paying it a bit of attention for more then a week.  So I did what I had to do. I txted Miss H for permission to put the cock cage on for my own good.

It was a weird feeling, doing exactly the opposite of what my body wanted so badly. Locking down, not playing with myself in a feeble attempt at pleasure. It was completely contradictory to what every neuron in my brain was screaming for, yet I didn't want to put myself in a position where I might end up doing something that I would regret big time later. She probably found it funny to get my txt but if so she didn't say anything. Her txt reply was simple and to the point -

"Put on the cage, sissy."

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