Sunday, November 13, 2011

A real ruined orgasm?

As you may have noticed on the little ticker bar above this post, there's a timer which shows the last time I've actually been able to cum with a true orgasm. In that time I've been allowed I believe three ruined orgasms. Since Miss H and I started a full time FLR it averages out to every few weeks Miss H allows me a ruined orgasm in order to "clean out the pipes" in order to maintain prostate health. Ruined orgasms aren't nearly as enjoyable as a regular orgasm but they do provide a small, if very insignificant form of release.

For those not familiar with the concept of a ruined orgasm, it's when a male is stimulated to the point of orgasm but the stimulation is removed just before orgasm is reached. This results in a release of ejaculate without the accompanying orgasm. The feeling is more akin to having to pee then suddenly releasing it, more a sense of release then actual pleasure. Unlike with a full orgasm where cum is forcefully shot out of the penis, with a ruined orgasm I'll have the cum literally just drop out of the head of my penis with virtually no pressure. The amount of ejaculate is the same, it just comes out in a slow stream instead of a hard spray.

Miss H decided this past Friday night was time for a ruined orgasm. It had been almost a month since I've had one so I was past due and it was readily apparent. I was like a sex obsessed maniac recently, virtually attached to Miss H's hip at all times desperate for attention. Miss H knows I some times resist the ruined orgasm because it completely zaps my horniness level for a day or so and I hate losing that sexual buildup. She was being particularly mean because we had the whole weekend free and planned to play, so by milking me so early into the weekend she knew the dressing would be more of an uncomfortable embarrassment then a sexual thrill like it would be if I was in my regular horny state of mind.

She had warned me earlier in the week that any complaints would be dealt with severely so when she surprised me with the news of my impending ruined orgasm on Friday night I started to stammer some lame excuse but quickly stopped. She took me totally off guard, one minute we're sitting watching TV, the next I'm standing naked in front of the mirror in my bathroom with her hand gripped firmly around me. With just a few strokes of her lubed up hand I was ready to cum. My role in this process is to inform her when I'm about to cum so she can stop stroking.

You might think that I could just cheat and tell her to late that I was about to cum, therefore having a true orgasm and cheating. Two reasons that doesn't happen. One, I wouldn't take advantage of Miss H like that. As her slave I know my role and to take advantage of her kindness would only come back to bite me in the end. Second, with a true orgasm I would spray like a fire hose all over the place. With a month long period of near constant tease and denial, the release after that is massive and would have me shooting in an arc across the room. The difference in force between a ruined and regular orgasm is like night and day. She could clearly see the difference and would now immediately what had happened.

So, as I was saying, Miss H was working on me and I was about to cum so I let her know. Initially I thought I had told her to soon because it didn't even feel like I was going to cum after she stopped. I just sort of stood there for a second or two and then all of a sudden a huge load of cum just spilled out of me. I didn't even feel that semi-pleasurable release of the ruined orgasm. Most importantly though, I didn't really feel any change in my level of horniness which was a *huge* change from what regularly happens.

I've read tons of blogs where the sub male complains that after a ruined orgasm they're miserable because not only did they not get the pleasure of the orgasm, there were now even hornier then before. This was the exact opposite of what I've experienced. I've always had the post orgasm mental letdown without the pleasure of the accompanying orgasm. Usually after seeing the giant puddle of cum pooled on the edge of the sink I try my best to try and convince Miss H to not make me lick it up (she always does anyway). This time though the idea was not only not that bad, but it was actually kind of hot. Furthermore I never lost the erection I had before the ruined orgasm.

I think I kind of surprised Miss H when after finishing up my cum cleanup chore, I followed her into the bedroom and feverishly started touching, kissing, rubbing, and basically doing anything possible to have her show me some sexual attention. I jumped at the chance to get dressed in my sluttiest lingerie and dress, again a big departure from the usual post ruined orgasm routine. She seemed quite happy at this new direction I had taken.

I think the big difference between this time and past times is that I told her to stop right before I felt any real sense of the impending orgasm. I guess I was waiting a hair to long to have her stop in the past which was still ruining the pleasure but still allowing some type of hormone release. By cutting things back even earlier all the emotional/mental aspects were stopped but the physical release was maintained. While this is just our preliminary result, I'm excited by how thing have turned out. To keep the extreme sexual frustration and desire while still being able to keep the body healthy with proper release would be the best of both worlds. Miss H and I will have to work on things but I can't wait to see how it goes in the future. It will be interesting to see if we can get to a place where we have the least amount of stimulation/pleasure yet still have it result in a completely unsatisfying release. How evil.

I can't wait.

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