Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another lonely night without Miss H

With Miss H out of town for a few days I'm left to fend for myself for a while. I was caged before she left so she wouldn't have to worry about me playing with my little clit while she was away. You'd think that after being so nice and giving me four ruined orgasms this week I'd be a little more relaxed but it's actually the exact opposite. With my cock in the cage I've become obsessed with the fact I can't access it. It's only been a few days but right about now I would do just about anything for the opportunity to just stroke it for a few minutes.

Mistress and I have been communicating by txt message on and off all day and I think my constant whining for release have become to much. When I got the following txt I knew I had probably gone to far -

"Huh, I'm confused, then. I thought my sexual satisfaction WAS ur sexual satisfaction, sissy boy."

I immediately apologized but I wasn't surprised when her next text arrived.

"That's more like it. For your forgetfulness, u can put on your nightgown now. And after u put it on, finger ur little pussy for a few minutes, just to remind u who u r."

Mistress knows I hate the nightgown she bought for me. I prefer the sluttier lingerie/whore look but Mistress specifically got this nightgown which looks like something a middle aged housewife would wear. She insists that sometimes I wear things strictly for humiliation purposes.

Miss H seemed satisfied with my punishment for the night and went about taking care of some business she needed to attend to while I did pretty much the same. Then maybe 15 minutes ago I get a another txt from her teasing me about the cute guy she was flirting with in the hotel elevator on the way back to her room. She said he was attractive but not some huge alpha male stud. She teased me by saying how humiliating it would be for me to sleep with someone who wasn't even better looking then me, just someone who might actually be able to give her an orgasm.
Now what I might not have mentioned on this blog before, is that I have a huge cuckold desire that I've always wanted to act upon with Miss H. As you can see in the following picture, her txt had an immediate and painful result on my cock in the cage. It felt like I was going to burst out of the front opening I was so horny and dripping with precum.

I won't see Miss H again until some time Friday night. Until then I ache, and leak for her.


  1. stop fucking whining. Absence will make your heart(and balls ache even more) And reset your fucking timer. im sure MissH wont be happy you can't even follow her simple instructions for that.

  2. So funny you mention it, spider, because on my drive home tonight, I was wondering if she'd reset her counter, which made me wonder if she should reset it if she's only been permitted ruined orgasms.

    I still haven't quite decided. Since I view the ruined orgasms as "sissy maintenance" (just trying to keep the pipes healthy and flushed), I'm inclined to say she should keep the counter going until she's granted a pleasurable, male orgasm.


  3. tough call MissH but in my opinion ejaculate is ejaculate. Wether you choose to allow her to REALLY enjoy it makes no difference. But of course its your call :)