Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A maid's job is never done

This past monday I was lucky enough to have off from work. I assumed it would be a day to generally goof off and enjoy myself. As I should have expected by now, Miss H wasn't going to let that happen. Upset that she had to go to work while I had a day off she made sure that this would be no vacation for me. It started the same way it usually does, with an email listing a long list of tasks she wanted done. Apparently the current state of cleaning at the house wasn't up to her demanding levels so I would have the pleasure of remedying that for her.

Dusting, washing curtains, and a long list of other chores were spelled out in detail for me along with a final order "you will wear the pvc maid's outfit along with shoe binders today while you clean". After showering and getting into my sexy attire for the day I took another look at the list and began my work for the day. I started with the curtains, which in hindsight was a bad idea. The reason is that we have a large set of sliding glass doors that leads out to our back patio and they're connected directly to our dining room/kitchen area. It didn't occur to me until I had taken down the curtains there as well as all the others around the house that I was pretty well exposed to anyone who happened to be outside and looking into our house.

I didn't think it would be much of a problem because it was the middle of the day and most people would be at work. Surprise! Guess who wasn't at work? My angry next door neighbor. The kind of guy who has more muscles then brain cells and a political ideology only slightly more right wing then George W. I guess that when he's not out clubbing baby seals or running over prius drivers with his big ass SUV he's obsessively working on his lawn. In the middle of winter. In the middle of the day. On my day off. While I'm dressed like a slut whore maid.

This made performing my chores a bit more difficult but eventually I got them all finished, and without Captain testosterone noticing me and running full speed through the backyard to beat the shit out of my panty wearing ass. Yay for me.

The funny thing about the day was at the beginning I just thought of those chores as simple housework. The more I thought about it though it was actually something a lot more. It was a way for me to make my Mistress happy, to make her life more comfortable, and to show her in my own little sissy way how much I cared for her. I took pride in being her maid for when she's happy then I'm happy. I'm starting to feel something new and completely unexpected, I used to only get pleasure and feel satisfied by means of sexual release, now after being in chastity and denied orgasm for an extended period of time, I'm starting to feel a weird sense of pleasure and fulfillment by simply pleasing my Mistress whether it be by sexual means such as orally serving her or something as basic as doing the laundry for her.

It's a good feeling...


  1. you are turning into SUCH a pathetic little bitch.Look at how hard your little clit is in that last pic. i bet your neighbor would have laughed seeing that little thing poking out from under your little skirt

  2. I want to see more pictures of your slutty maid outfit.

  3. Working on getting new pics up. Just as soon as I get a little free time ;)