Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A new task

Miss H was kind enough to allow me out of the cage tonight so I could masturbate (but of course not cum). I've been so pent up from not cumming and Mistress's constant teasing through txt, email, and Twitter that I spent a good 45 minutes stroking my little cock to the edge of cumming over and over again, only to stop at the last possible second.

This wasn't a total "freebie" though, it did come with some orders to make up for her kindness. First off, I'm once again back in the cage but now I'm also wearing Miss H's new favorite bedtime attire for me, pink satin sissy panties, pink girly pajama bottoms, and a plain top. I have a new top coming in the mail, Mistress thought it would be a good idea for me to purchase a shirt from Cafepress that says "Good little sissy" on the front of it in bright pink letters. You can see part of my pj's in this photo.

Tomorrow, because I'm off, after I shower in the morning I'm to then get completely dressed in full slut gear, lingerie, dress, platform shoes, wig, makeup, the whole deal and just go about my day enfemme. Ok, so that isn't really a punishment ;) In fact I've been dying to dress a lot more but unfortunately something always seems to get in the way. I'll try to post a few pics throughout the day if I get a chance and send out a few Twitter updates from my account.

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