Friday, February 4, 2011

*YOU* decide

Miss H is not one to allow to much time to pass with reaching out and asserting her dominance over me in some manner. I was given a free day yesterday where I didn't have to wear the cage or do anything really for that matter. Today she made up for lost time by emailing me a devious little task that she wants me to share with you and have you participate in.

Mistress is beginning her period, an unpleasant time for any women, so naturally Miss H thought that if she makes me dress like a women, has me take on the traditional role of "house wife" in our relationship, then I ought to experience one other aspect of being a women as well, the many joys of having a monthly visitor. Now I have two choices -

Option #1 - Wear a maxi pad all day underneath my male clothes while I'm out in public, at home, and at work.


Option #2 - Insert a tampon into my sissy "pussy" and keep it there while we watch the Super Bowl this sunday night.

Either way I'm supposed to take pictures and post them here as a form of public humiliation.

Now here's where you come in, Mistress can't decide so she's putting it up for a vote. Please leave a comment stating which punishment you'd prefer that I was forced to endure. She'll tally the total number of votes and then enact my punishment. Monday night I'll post the results along with what I'm sure will be the horribly embarrassing photos.

So start voting, the clock is ticking on my humiliation...


  1. I like both of Miss H's ideas so my vote is both. Be glad shes not going to make you wear one of her used pads. Sissy like you should understand what she goes through

  2. Yes, many women have to wear a pad and a tampon -- I'm one of them -- so I think you should do both. For three days since that's how long Aunt Flo usually decides to visit.

    Have fun!

  3. I like spiders idea, make the bitch wear both.

  4. They both are great,tough decision.