Monday, February 7, 2011

The Super Bowl was a super night for Christie

If you're a regular reader of this site you're probably aware of the task I had waiting for me yesterday (if not, scroll down a bit and you can read that blog entry). I had assumed those people that were kind enough to vote for which punishment they preferred would do just that, vote on *the* punishment they wanted for me, not both of them. I was secretly hoping for the maxi pad instead of the tampon because well, let's just say that it's for obvious reasons, so I was a little anxious when I saw all the votes for both punishments.

Miss H is all about giving the people what they want so that's exactly what she did. When Sunday morning rolled around I was kind of hoping she would be lenient and simply pick the one option of the two she preferred more, thus sparing me the indignity of having to wear both. In fact, for a moment I thought she had perhaps forgotten about the whole thing as she got up and left the house.


Not two minutes after she left my phone buzzed with an incoming txt message from her. She directed me into her bathroom where she had carefully and lovingly set aside two maxi pads and two tampons (Tampax pearls for those that are interested). I was to put on one of the maxi pads now and when I returned home from the family function I was attending, shower, put on a new maxi and insert the tampon into  my sissy "pussy" and wear it during the entire time we were watching the super bowl on tv.

So yeah, a maxi pad while I'm at a big family gathering. Who says Miss H doesn't have a sense of humor. As you can imagine it was rather emotionally uncomfortable to have a thick maxi crammed against my little cock while interacting with friends and family. Mistress of course found the whole thing infinitely amusing and was excited to hear every little detail in depth.

Fast forward to around 6:40pm last night. I arrived home and walked in the front door to see Miss H finishing up some snacks we were going to have during the game. She was pleasant and seemed busy so I casually said hello as I strolled in. "How was you day today, anything exciting happen?", she smirked. I cringed with a sense of embarrassment as I could feel the tampon deep in my ass. She looked me in the eye and smiled. That was enough, the unspoken knowing between us of what I had done was made crystal clear. She knows exactly how to fuck with me and she does it so well.

After that things were pretty calm, we watched the game, ate some food, and generally spent the next few hours enjoying each others company. Later on as we were going to bed Miss H calmly stripped down to just her panties and suggested that I get naked. I jumped at the opportunity, praying that tonight would be the first night in roughly a week where I would be allowed to penetrate her with my tiny cock and possibly even be allowed to cum. Up until now my only sexual pleasure was derived from Miss H masturbating me (without cumming), being allowed to masturbate myself (again without cumming), or the worst, only being allowed to dry hump her leg or ass with my cock stuck behind a pair of panties.

She will spend an hour or more just teasing and delicately playing with my sissy clit, bringing me right up to the edge of cumming, only to stop when I get to close. Over and over she does this, the whole time belittling the size of my cock, how pathetic I am, or simply telling me what horrible things she has in store for me down the road. This continues over and over again till the point where she barely has to touch me and I almost cum, the whole time my body twitching and begging for relief while a nonstop stream of whimpers and sad little pleas for release go unanswered.

Then, just as quickly as it started, it ends. Miss H rolls over to get dressed and with a completely dismissive tone tells me that we're done and I need to get ready to go to bed because she's going to sleep. She does this almost every night we're together so I should expect it but for some reason it still catches me off guard for some reason like it was the first time she had ever done it. It's like a a cold splash of water to the face, she simply shuts down sexually, ignores me and falls asleep without a care in the world about me or anything else. I sit there in the darkness of our bedroom almost shaking with sexual frustration and a relentless need to cum.

Things are so different now. Only a matter of months ago she was the most caring, considerate lover you could imagine. She always put my pleasure first and if I was unable to make her cum she never complained, just smiled and seemed happy to be embraced in my arms. Now, that's all just a distant memory. I lay awake alone, my cock still pulsing slightly, a heavy stream of pre-cum flowing down my shaft and along my leg, my heart still racing, desperate for attention from my Mistress, desperate for release.

I wouldn't have things any other way....


  1. Sounds like a fun night! Can't wait to see what MissH comes up with for you next

  2. i sent her a little idea on fetlife lol if she does it you'll thank me

  3. Keep 'em cumming spider, the more vicious and humiliating the better.

  4. lol this isnt that humiliating by itself> Now if she makes you wear it while she sends you on an errand.... that may be a TOTALLY different story. i have tons of ideas for your misstress to consider but shes been doing a great fucking job on her own :)