Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day gift.

Seeing as how yesterday was Valentine's Day I was semi optimistic that I might actually be able to have a true orgasm or at the very least a ruined orgasm as a present from  MissH to celebrate the day. What I got was instead the exact opposite, a brand new CB-6000 chastity device.

Mistress has been using the CB-2000 for a while now and while it is effective, it's bulky and had a tendency to sometimes chaff me with its rear facing locking pins. So when I opened up Mistress's present I was both elated and dissapointed at the same time. Elated because I've wanted a CB-6000 for a while now but dissapointed because it was obvious that it would be going on soon and therefore no orgasm for me. Potentially more ominous is the fact that Miss H kept talking about how because this cock cage was more comfortable and easier to hide, she would be experimenting with much more *extended* periods of being locked up. I'm wearing it now and the initial test run will be for 24 hours to get accustomed to wearing it.

 Early impressions are that the CB-6000 is much more comfortable to wear. The tube portion of the cage is rather tight but with a dab of lube my cock slid right down into it. Because it's a solid piece, the tube sort of cradles my cock and keeps the normal metal lock Mistress uses from sliding down and clipping me with its edges. Also, because the tube points down, it much more closely mimics the natural contour of my penis, making it virtually undetectable under normal clothing.

One option for the cage that I haven't tried yet (or had a chance to get a pic of yet) is called the "Points of Intrigue". It's a small plastic insert for near the opening of the tube that has three sharp "fangs" pointing downward. It's a devilish little device that serves two main purposes -

1) It helps to destroy any chance of erection. It's hard enough to get an erection when your cock is clamped down in a small plastic tube, but now the slightest enlargement of my cock in the cage will be met with those sharp prongs which will obviously make any attempt at an erection instantly a extremely painful proposition.

2) It prevents cheating by pulling out a flacid penis through the back portion of the cage. The prongs are long enough where even when soft, pulling out your penis is going to entail the unpleasant thought of dragging your most sensitive organ against the unforgiving plastic of those pointy teeth.

I've only tested out the Points of Intrigue in a really precursory way, holding them against the base of my cock and very gently running them along the teeth, but even that was painful enough to put a real sense of dread into me. If there was ever a reason to keep Miss H happy while I'm wearing the cage, that is it.


  1. Sissy,

    Welcome to the CB-6000 club. Mistress has had me locked up in Hers for just over three months now. I don't have any experience with any other models so it's nice to know that I am locked into a reasonable model.

    A word of warning... My understanding is that the CB-6000 chamber has a tendency of splitting on the seam and mine did so during one of my initial nocturnal erections. If this happens to you, don't dispair but be prepared to repair it with 'super glue'. Upsetting as it was at the time, I was able to easily reconnect the two half together and it has not seperated again. Just apply a thin bead of glue around one of the halves and quickly attach the other.

    The manufacturer really does need to resolve this contruction flaw.

    I hope this helps, happysubmale

  2. Thank you for the advice, most appreciated. Quick question for you if you don't mind. I've read several web sites which recommend using a little lube in the tube portion to prevent your penis from getting "stuck" or just to make getting into the cage easier. Do you do that and if so has it been helpful?

  3. I find Vaseline to work very well. I apply it completely around the inside of the ring to reduce the strain during an erection. It also makes rotation adjustments comfortable during wear. I am not able to get the penis inserted without lubricant and a thin layer on the inside surface is adequate.

  4. Baby powder works well, too.


  5. @D thanks for the tip, I'll have to try that.