Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Things are a changing.

The relationship between MissH and I has always been strong but recently it's moved into a deeper, more intense level that is, for lack of a better word, amazing. I'm not going to go into all the details of why right now because Mistress seemed to want to be the one to blog about it, but I couldn't be more happy about things.

This past Sunday night was also our first experience playing around with Miss H's new strapon. It's seven inches of bright pink, ass fucking goodness attached to a women who was eager to exert her dominance over me in a brand new way. Ass play isn't something new to either of us, I love butt plugs, dildos, fingers, and anything else jammed deep inside of me, but using the strapon is much different, more personal, and definitely gives you the feeling of having no control of the situation. You become a hole to fuck, totally at the mercy of the one with the cock.

We started slow, as she inched the big dick into me, but it wasn't long before she had me holding my legs high in the air as she rammed into my pussy with a vengeance. As a man, there is probably no more submissive thing to do then be dressed in women's lingerie, laying on your back begging your Mistress to put her big rubber cock all the way inside you. That is of course, unless the next night she makes you do it again but this time strokes your tiny little cock until giving you a ruined orgasm while you feel her strapon completely inside you.

To watch cum slowly pour out of you and pool across your stomach with out the accompanying pleasure of a real orgasm is crushing. Mistress seemed to delight in my agony as she made me scoop it up with my hand and eat it. It tasted warm and bitter, but with Miss H towering over me, her cock pointing menacingly at me, you don't have any real option other then to obey. What cum I hadn't yet licked up was then rubbed across my stomach and chest as a final act of degradation.

The final tally - Fucked with a strapon 4 times - 3 times missionary, 1 time doggie style. 4 ruined orgasms over 2 nights. 1 ripped white garter belt and most importantly, a loving couple currently on cloud 9.