Wednesday, December 7, 2011


If you live in or near Philadelphia and you're the slightest bit kinky you probably have heard of the Diabolique Fetish Ball. It's about the largest fetish event in the area and happens once a year, usually in late November but this year was held this past Saturday night, December 3rd. I've personally gone just about every year for the last 7-8 years and have always had a great time. Miss H went for the first time last year and really enjoyed it as well. It takes place at Shampoo (a giant night club in Center City) and provides a nice mix of industrial/electro music, drinking, play areas, and amazing eye candy to look at.

Seeing as how last year was our first Diabolique together, we took it kind of slow. We were both still in the beginning stage of our kinky life together so I didn't want to rush things and make her feel uncomfortable. It's kind of funny, here I was going out of my way to "protect" her and make sure she wasn't nervous, and then she ends up pulling me aside into a small seating area and proceeds to masturbate me under my dress while four or five other people sit around us totally oblivious to what's going on. So much for being a delicate little flower.

We bought tickets for this years ball back in September or whenever it was that they first went on sale. I picked up an amazing new dress to wear too. A black PVC micro mini dress that literally barely covers my ass. Any attempt at bending over provides an instant show of my thong. Anyway, Miss H and I had been looking forward to going for a while now, Miss H constantly teasing and toying with me about what sinister plans she had in store for me when we went. Being made to wear a shall we say, suggestive, sign around my neck or writing on me with a sharpie or even a simple being led around on a leash were all ideas she made sure I was aware of.

When Saturday morning rolled around I just didn't feel like going to the ball however. I'm not really sure why either, because I was horny as always, dying to dress, and generally in a severely kinky mood. Maybe it was because Diabolique would just be one more tease and I wanted the real thing. The humiliation of being degraded in public and watching all that PVC and latex stroll around the ball would just leave me feeling as horny as ever with yet again no release. I wanted to feel something, to do something, with Miss H. I subtly hinted to her how I felt and she voiced a similar opinion. We were both worried that by saying we were ok with not going, we were secretly disappointing the other person, but eventually came up with a good alternative to Diabolique. We would head out for a nice dinner, just the two of us, then return home for a drink or two and then engage in some kinky fun of our own.

I got dressed in my new outfit and added my thigh high pink PVC boots to the mix while Miss H put on her own kinky ensemble, a black rubber look top and frilly black panties. We spent most of the time enjoying each other in numerous ways, most of which entailed me pleasuring her while she teased, beat, and verbally humiliated me. This was early on, before she really went after my ass with the cane.

If Diabolique had been the night before or the night after we would have gone with out a second thought and had an amazing time. There was just something about that particular night that just made it feel more right for the two of us to be alone and enjoy each others company more then that of total strangers. Next year we're definitely going again, this year though was just our night.

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