Saturday, December 17, 2011

Face the wall

This morning Miss H woke me up by placing her hand between my legs and softly stroking me through my panties and pink sissy pajamas. It didn't long for me to pop right awake and begin rubbing, kissing, and doing everything possible in a desperate attempt to try and get my pathetic self off. Miss H was enjoying the attention and cuddling. I've become used to her getting me super excited and turned on only to stop and shoo me away at the peak of my arousal but today was different.

Usually she'll tell me that she's done with me (using any number of derogatory terms and words), then fall back asleep or get up if it's time to go to work. The difference today was that while I was rubbing her clit with my fingers she suddenly pulled away and told me to roll over and face the wall until I was told differently. There was no mention of her stopping for the night so I assumed were going to continue, just with something new. Next I heard her reach into her night stand and pull something out. I erroneously assumed that she was getting out the bottle of lube and she would then begin stroking me to tease me a bit more. She often masturbates me in the spooning position with her pressed up behind me so I was anxiously waiting for my treat.

Much to my dismay and disappointment I was shocked to hear the sound of her vibrator turning on

"May I watch you?", I asked.

"No, just keep looking at the wall. You're not allowed to look at me", she said with clenched teeth as the vibrator began working its magic between her soft thighs.

Anytime Miss H has masturbated with me around in the past it's always been a joint venture. If I wasn't directly pleasuring her pussy I was at least kissing her or playing with her very sensitive nipples. It was never a totally solo thing like it had just become. I felt so left out, unwanted, and yet even more horny then I had been. After about five minutes of sheer torture as I leaked pre-cum listening to her use that buzzing vibrator on herself, she told me I was allowed to rub my sissy clit. I still wasn't allowed to look at her, touch her or in any other way interact with her. I was left pushed off to the side of the bed, staring off at the wall, the glow of my clock radio illuminating  the outline of my hand as it furiously pumped up and down from beneath the sheets. Grunts and groan escaping my lips as I continually caught myself before cumming all over the bed, jonesing for release but relegated to frustration as I could do nothing about it.

"You can play with that little sissy clit for a few more minutes if you want, although I don't know why you'd even bother with something so useless", she muttered as she rolled over and dozed off to sleep soon after having her own orgasm. The feeling of an orgasm something I haven't experienced in over three months, I thought to myself as I lay there awake and unsatisfied yet again.

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  1. I have found that denying sissy both the ability to please me while also denying her self-pleasure is a fantastic punishment. Definitely something I have been using more recently.

    Mistress Aimee