Monday, December 26, 2011

Unintentional denial

It's about 11:12pm on Monday night and I've got the Saints/Falcons game on our bedroom TV instead of gently running my tongue along the length of Miss H's foot. I'm watching Drew Brees go for the all time passing yardage record when I could instead be massaging her sexy ass. It's not because I prefer a football game over being with Miss H, quite the contrary, but I don't have much choice. She's enjoying a well deserved bit of sleep while I'm left horny and locked up.

We had talked about playing with some of our new Christmas toys tonight (more on those in a future blog post) but it just didn't work out that that way. She was exhausted and even though she tried to rally and take a shower, it didn't take a genius to see she wasn't up for it tonight. I turned the lights off, told her to put her glasses on the nightstand and kissed her goodnight. She protested slightly but it wasn't long before I watched her fall asleep right before me.

The last couple of weeks have been really hectic for us as I'm sure they've been for a lot of other people. With the holiday season having just passed, I know we weren't the only ones running around in a seemingly never ending rat race of rampant consumerism gone wild. Shopping, doing our best Martha Stewart impression while attempting to decorate, trying to squeeze in a visit to every relative you possibly can, and everything else that encompasses the celebration of the season. It takes a toll to the point where even when we wanted to have some kinky fun one of us always seemed to either be too tired or too busy.

The last week especially was rough because Miss H had her family come in to visit from out of state. While they aren't staying with us, we've spent the vast majority of our time with them in some manner or another. I'm not complaining because I like her family and I've had a good time with everyone, but in the past ten days I think I've had my cock cage off perhaps twice, and our longest period of actual sexual contact being about half an hour. I know Miss H isn't trying to ignore me, she's tried on several occasions to show me she's interested, but I realize how busy and sleep deprived she's been so I feel guilty trying to take her up on her offers so I politely decline or try to switch the conversation to something else.

So what I'm going to do is what any good sub is supposed to do in my position. Be thankful that I'm able to serve such an amazingly beautiful, smart, and sexy Mistress, and patiently wait until things slow down and return to normal. When Mistress is ready and in the mood to get back into things I'm sure she'll make it readily apparent. Until then I'll be content in the knowledge that she's happy and resting comfortably and I'm lucky enough to be laying here next to her.

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