Monday, December 12, 2011

Power Play

Last night marked a very important yet subtle point in our FLR relationship. It was nothing we had planned for or expected. In fact it appeared at first to be nothing more then one of our usual tease and denial sessions. Miss H had an important meeting at work today so although I've been terribly horny these past few days she mentioned that she needed to get to bed early so if I was lucky she might pay some attention to me for a few minutes before we went to bed. That was more then ok with, any attention from Miss H no matter how brief is a welcome reward, to have her stroke that tiny cock while whispering the most horrible of verbal assaults into my ear is a turn on like few other things to me.

Miss H was gracious enough to allow me to watch the Giants game and we started our wind down as the game was ending, eventually crawling under the covers as the Giants pulled out the victory. She rolled onto her side with her gorgeous ass facing me. Unsure if she was too tired to do anything I just pulled up against her and spooned her, figuring if she wanted more she would initiate, and if not I would at least be able to cuddle up against her as she fell asleep. The slow rhythmic rubbing of her ass against me signaled I was allowed to proceed. I quickly began dry humping her ass like a dog in heat, the slight bit of pleasure I was able to feel from underneath all those clothes was incentive enough to keep going.

She reached her hand back and started rubbing her cock through the outside of my pants. I was so turned on and thrusting against her hand that she soon moved it to my mouth. I was so wet that I had leaked through onto her hand and she pushed her fingers into my mouth to lick it off. The touching and rubbing continued in various incarnations for a while, constantly driving me toward the edge of cumming only to stop short each time. I was getting more and more turned on with each passing minute and she could sense it. My breathing was getting deeper, I was grunting with each stroke, and my hands were rubbing and squeezing her more firmly the longer she went on.

In the past, Miss H had usually been more of a submissive, she was that way with others and early in our relationship we both switched pretty regularly. I was mostly submissive, but occasionally would get an aggressive streak and want to be the Dom. It was only in the last year or so that we both really fell into our current preferences. My innate submissive tendencies have fully come to the surface and Miss H is fully embracing the Dominant role more and more each day.  I mention that only because what happened next called those feelings back to the forefront.

Miss H kept ratcheting up the dirty talk and verbal abuse and I in turn was getting more and more riled up and excited. Miss H is icy calm during this time while I on the other hand am squirming and moaning like a wounded animal. I reach over and grab her should while beginning to kiss her neck. She arcs her neck back slightly to accept my advances and rubs the back of my head while I eagerly kiss her, moving up to her cheek and eventually her lips. She's actively involved but it's only when my hand accidentally ends up around her throat do I hear the first real moan of pleasure from her.
I hadn't meant to put my hand around her like that, I was simply caressing her face and neck with it while kissing, it was by no means an aggressive act initially and was done without any conscious thought on my part. As I mentioned, earlier in our relationship Miss H loved to be choked and treated roughly, but that was a long time ago so this came as a bit of a shock to me. At first I pulled my hand away as soon as I realized what I had done. I was sure I was about to get in trouble and probably caned for such an act of disrespect. Instead Miss H never broke stride and continued kissing me

We continued making out and rubbing one another for a while before at one point I took the back of her head in my hand to pull her closer so I could kiss her even deeper. It wasn't violent or angry by any means, more of the passionate type kiss you might see in a movie. As my fingers slid into her long hair I could feel her body tense. Miss H used to love having her hair pulled during sex so I ever so slightly made a fist to pull her hair back. Again, I expected a slap to the face or any angry yell if nothing else. I was greeted with a soft moan escaping her lips. I pulled harder and she moaned even more. At this point I was still in total submissive mind set so although you could consider these "Dom" type actions, I didn't look at them as so. I was doing something that made Miss H happy, so if that entailed orally pleasing her, licking her toes, or in this case, roughly pulling her hair, I was doing something for her benefit.

It was obviously getting her turned on to which she responded with an even deeper and more depraved level of verbal abuse, with a fine tuned and razor sharp level of intensity that had me pooling pre-cum, and on the verge of tears. Things began to escalate rapidly, she was adding fuel to my sexual fire and I was only getting more and more amped up. The gentle hair pulling and light grip around her throat were becoming rougher and rougher and yet the more physical I got, the wetter she was. The whole time though she remained surprisingly calm, her slightly quickening breathing and occasional moaning giving her away. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't turned on by what was happening though. The sudden feeling of power and control I had was immense. For a split second I thought back to earlier times, before I became a full time chastity slave, when if I wanted sex I would have it. Being in chastity means a never ending series of denials and frustration. Nothing is ever enough. When you're in chastity all you want is to be let out. When you're out all you want is to be touched. When you're touched all you want is some release, even just a ruined orgasm. When you've been allowed a ruined orgasm all you want is a the real thing. It's a cycle of never truly getting what you want, to have to constantly beg and plead for sexual scraps instead of taking what it is you truly want.

"If you were a real man you'd just fucking take what you want and stop screwing around you little sissy bitch", she challenged me with.

It was a typical male ego attack but it worked. All these months of sexual denial came flooding to the for front. Literally growling like an animal I pinned her beneath me, my hand gripping her neck, ready to finally put an end to the unrelenting sexual needs I have. The whole rest of the night was playing through my mind at warp speed, how I would tear her panties off of her body, how her legs would feel wrapped around me as I furiously fucked her deep and hard. The look on her face as she realized she wasn't the dominant bitch she pretended to be.

It was at that moment that she opened her eyes and our gaze locked. It was the first time since we started that our eyes met and we made eye contact. She just smiled slightly with an amused grin on her face and looked at me. She didn't struggle, she didn't scream, she just looked at me.

"Don't you for a even a second think you're actually dominant, that you have any control what so ever in this relationship. You're doing what you're doing because I allow you to. I let you do it so you can pretend for a little while that you're actually a real man, even though we both know that you aren't. Isn't that right?'

And just like that I was done. All of that testosterone induced bravado had been let out like the air from a balloon.

"Yes Mistress", I whispered as I slunk down and moved to a more humble posture, almost in the fetal position with my head resting on her large, warm breasts.

"That's a good girl", is all that I remember her saying after that. She said more but I literally felt almost drunk. I could hear that she was saying something but the words weren't registering, all I could do was hold her tightly. and think about how broken I actually was. What had started out initially as a way to spice up your sex life so very long ago was becoming something much more. Something that both excited and scared me.


  1. Wow, She is in control and you didn't even realize it. You just thought she was and she's stronger than you thought she was..... I guess you learned something!!! Keep it in mind.

  2. I always considered her "in control" but it surprised me just how far she's gone in becoming dominant. It was a wonderful revelation.