Friday, December 16, 2011

The hood.

Just a follow up to my previous post about breath play and specifically the inflatable hood Miss H and I own. I said I would try to get some pics of it and here they are. The first is the hood itself in an un-inflated state. Even when it isn't blown up it can be quite intimidating to use. It completely surrounds the head cutting off all sense of sight and smell. The breathing tube fits in the mouth and acts like a gag, preventing pretty much any type of talking and leaves you feeling open and exposed.

You'll have to excuse the lack of shine on it, I didn't get a chance to put any rubber glow or similar polish on it, so it has that dull matte look to it. Anyway, when inflated it gets even worse, because initially the hood feels pretty tight to start with, then as it's being pumped up you can feel it slowly fill up and push back around your face and head, becoming totally form fitting and claustrophobic. If Miss H decides to put ear plugs in, the combination of the plugs and the inflation makes hearing extremely difficult.

The feeling of total sensory deprivation can be intense, especially if kept in the hood for any length of time. The biggest mind fuck is when you're left alone in there. It doesn't take long to kind of drift off to a dream world in your mind as the only stimulation you experience is the feel of the breathing tube in your mouth. The unexpected hand on the tube, blocking off your air or twist of a nipple provides a singular, extreme sensation. You have no other tactile or sensory inputs except that sudden jarring pain or fear. Even the slightest feelings like a hand across your inner thigh become that much more intense.
This particular hood is among my favorite toys, and has been for a long time.

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