Sunday, October 30, 2011

Another fun night of kink

It's been a good weekend, Miss H and I have been pretty much obligation free this whole weekend so for the most part we've relaxed during the day and slid into the kink by early evening. A drink or two to chill, some crap reality TV show on in the background is how it starts and before long I'm pulling stockings up my legs and begging like a little bitch for relief as the non-stop onslaught of teasing by Miss H kicks into high gear.

In most instances, when we have time to play it's either very "choreographed" ahead of time or completely spur of the moment. By choreographed I simply mean that Miss H will have a list of items she wants laid out and preparations made. Things like attach the chains and straps to the bed, wear a certain outfit when you get out of the shower, etc. The spur of the moment stuff is just that, out of nowhere she'll just order me to get dressed, or insert a butt plug before we go to Wawa, or something along those lines. Both have their advantages, I like the choreagraphed because we're more likely to delve into our frighteningly extensive toy box, while the sudden and unexpected thrill of an unexpected mind fuck is always fun.

Last night was a bit of a tweener, we didn't really have anything concrete in mind yet Miss H told me to go pull out a few toys I wanted to use and put on a my silver dress and white stockings and wait for her while she showered. She didn't seem like she was in the mood for any bondage type fun so instead of the hood, bondage bag, and the like, I went with my ankle high ballet boots, a pair of nipple clamps, and a double sided dildo gag in case she wanted penetration more then the twenty seconds I could provide. 

I didn't take any pics of the clamps or gag because we never got around to using them, but as you can see, the boots make it an absolute pisser to walk. I could do it, but only by concentrating and taking my time, and more then once grabbing hold of some furniture so I wouldn't fall. Oh well, I guess practice makes perfect so I'll have to keep trying. Although if my hands were bound I don't think I would walk in them, to scared I would fall, so in that case I would probably just have to crawl.

 I finished a small project I have due for work this week early, as in about twenty minutes ago, so it looks like tonight will be more of the same. I was hoping Miss H and I would have some time but she was rather tired today so I didn't want to push anything, so when she said I would be allowed to watch the Eagles game tonight as long as I was dressed, I was pretty psyched. It still feels kind of weird to be dressed while watching football, talk about polar opposites, but it's a small price to pay to feel Miss H's firm grip around me once more.

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