Sunday, October 2, 2011

The joys of being a diaper sissy pt. 2

To finish up my my previous post, soon after posting that I got another txt from Miss H telling me what was going to happen later that night. Any idea? You guessed it, diaper time. Not sure if Miss H had seen the post or it was just a random coincidence but she was dead set on seeing my little sissy ass diapered up and waddling from all the padding around my waist and between my legs. The only downside was that she insisted on the ugly nightgown and pantyhose to go with them. Finally being able to be trapped in diapers again though made it all worth it.

Naturally, it ended the same way it does every time Miss H diapers me, left all night leaking pre-cum in my diaper, desperate for relief, only to have her tease me about how much she like to touch me but can't because I'm all bundled up beneath those thick diapers. The next day forced to wake her in the morning and stand before he to ask permission to pee into my diaper while she just watches and shakes her head.

Miss H hasn't mentioned whether or not she's checked out the link I sent her yet. Probably she's just been busy and hasn't had a chance to yet. Hopefully she'll find a few things that interest her when she does ;)


  1. Loved the post. To bad you didn't get relief.. Hopefully she will give ya some.... did ya get to watch some football this weekend. games.. hehee I really really hope she gets to your favorite new website.... Love your blog..

    aka: Jumpmaster1988

  2. Didn't get to watch as much as I would have liked, had some stuff for work I needed to take care of :( Glad you like my blog, I appreciate it!