Monday, October 31, 2011

Needing more

It's another Monday morning. Miss H is off to work and instead of being productive like I should, I'm sitting here on my laptop. Doing a few things for work, but mainly just trying to calm myself down a bit. I'm not upset or anything, simply still stuck in sexual overdrive from an unrelenting three days of amazing tease and denial from my lovely Mistress. You'd think that after three days of pretty much continuous dressing and painfully unproductive hand jobs I'd be dying for a break. No such luck. I'm hornier now then I ever. Miss H left before me this morning so while I was getting ready to take a shower she txted me saying that I needed to get the cage on right away. She knew I was still all worked up and was worried that I might cheat and touch myself with out her permission. I responded that as soon as I was out of the shower I would.

Normally it's a about a 50/50 shot that she'll allow me to masturbate if I ask her respectfully and she feels I deserve it. I didn't think she would this morning after how generous she had been this weekend, but much to my surprise and excitement she said yes. I was allowed three minutes to rub myself and then stop. Being allowed to orgasm was of course out of the question. I enthusiastically thanked her and went about stroking myself. She sent a few more txts, berating me about how pathetic I was and how I wouldn't even need the entire three minutes to edge myself. She was right on both counts, it took a grand total of 29 seconds to go from totally soft to having to stop so I wouldn't cum. In my defense though, I haven't cum in weeks and this past weekend was particularly tough, I can't even count how many times Miss H edged me to the point of orgasm only to stop at the last possible second. So saying I was on a hair trigger because of all her teasing and denial is an understatement at best.

When my three minutes were up, and they were up way to fast, I reluctantly pulled my hand away and let out about the most depressing sigh I could muster. That little bit of attention, although extremely nice, only made matters worse. It had increased, not subdued, my sexual needs. I thought about txting Miss H again asking her for more time but the chances of that were about slim to none, and more then likely it would piss her off enough to punish me in some other way ( wear nail polish to go shopping, watch gay porn, wear a bra underneath my clothes to work tomorrow, etc) so I relented.

I did try something else however. I knew Mistress wouldn't allow me to do something that was totally pleasurable for me, but she would often times allow me a similar "reward" if I matched it with something humiliating or degrading. My first choice would obviously be to masturbate more but using a butt plug would at least give me some pleasure and Miss H would be more inclined to allow that. I had asked for just being able to use it for a few minutes to grind down on. Mistress agreed to the plug but said that it would need to stay in for the next two and half hours. Furthermore this wasn't an option any longer, the plug was going in whether I wanted it in that long or not. As you can see, Miss H has a tendency to take a mild task and make it much more brutal.

The pictures are a little grainy due to the lighting and angle I had to use in my bathroom, but as you can see, the plug is in. It's been in for almost two hours now and isn't too bad. When I first put it in it felt amazing, I love the feeling of being so full. Now though, I wouldn't say it's sore, but it's mildly uncomfortable, probably due to the fact I've been walking around and doing a few chores with it in. For what ever reason, Miss H and I haven't done much anal training recently so where as I used to be able to keep it in much longer, I lost practice so to speak with it. Apparently the moral of this story is be careful what you wish for, because you just might get more then you bargained for ;)

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