Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Writing assignment

Last night I awoke to the feeling of Miss H rubbing her hand down my inner thigh and gently caressing the outside of my cock cage. I whimpered as my attempt to get erect was quickly stopped in its tracks by the plastic tubing of the CB-6000. "I'll bet you wish you would have listened to me on Saturday and gotten the dog cage out for you like I asked, huh?" She whispered in my ear with a certain level of joy in her voice. "Just think, I could have been touching you instead right now if you would have simply remembered your place in this relationship and done what you were told". The pain in my groin was matched only by my desire for release, to be free and once again experience the pleasure of her hand against me.

"I want you to do something for me", she purred. "I want your next blog post to be about me, write about what your favorite part of my body is". "Yes, Mistress" I replied. With that she abruptly rolled over and I knew that was the end of things for tonight. So, my friends and fellow perverts, is exactly what I'll be doing right now.

Initially I thought this would be easy, I've always loved breasts and that's definitely one department that Miss H excels in. All of my former girlfriends, etc have always been in the small to almost medium category. Miss H on the other hand is just a touch under a double D. Her breasts are large, delicately soft, and 100% natural, with cute little nipples that make her moan with delight when I suck and play with them. I love it when she pushes my face between them and smothers me, forcefully holding my head from escaping as I gasp desperately for air. It's only when I start to go limp does she finally release me to catch some much needed air.

So my first thought was that her breasts were my favorite part until I saw her feet this morning when she was about to leave for work. Smooth, sexy feet, toes always painted, and a touch like silk. The thought of those cute toes working there way in and out of my mouth never fails to drive me wild. I eagerly worship her feet whether its the minute she walks in the door from a hard day at the job or to thank her for being my Mistress right before we drift off to bed together. Just thinking of the way she sometimes steps on me with her beautiful feet, trampling me beneath them, is making me groan softly to myself as I write this.

Next I thought I was wrong all along, it had to be her face. She is so beautiful in every conceivable manner. The way she smiles, the way she looks regardless of how she does her hair, she's just gorgeous. One minute she'll have her hair back in a pony tail and she looks like the prototypical cute, fun girl next door type. Then in an instant she's getting ready for work and looks every bit the part of the ball busting, sexy CEO you'd find in a movie.

When she walked out to her car I changed my mind once again. It was definitely her ass. I guess you could say Sir Mix A Lot and I have a lot in common.

Ok, well probably only one thing in common but still.... I do love some junk in the trunk and Miss H is amazing there too. Everything about it turns me on, grabbing it, licking it, squeezing it, you name it, it drives me insane. She bought a pair of black yoga pants a few months ago to wear as pajamas. They look great on her but we differ on whether or not they're the right size. She tells me that they're her normal size, I told her she should get them about three sized smaller, not because they're to loose, but because since she still has circulation in her legs that means they need to be tighter ;) How else am I going to fully appreciate that beautiful butt? She can't keep hiding it behind properly fit clothing, where's the fun in that?

That previous line was going to be my closing sentence in this post. Her ass was the winner, my post was finished and I was going to head out to take care of a few things. Then she sent me a txt message. A dirty txt message. A txt message that was totally unexpected but instantly got me all turned on. That's when it hit me, as beautiful, sexy, and downright amazing as Miss H's body is, it's her devious mind that I like the most. Having a sexy body is like having an expensive sports car. If you have a crappy driver behind the wheel then it doesn't matter how good the car is, things aren't going to go so well.

From the naughty messages she sends me while we're apart to the cruel tasks she makes me perform, it's the mind and spirit inside her body that always ends up turning me on the most. It just so happens that I'm lucky enough that she combines the best of both worlds into one complete package, a one of kind woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

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