Monday, January 9, 2012

Dick grinder

As if Miss H's misadventures with lube in the last blog post weren't enough, now my stuff is messed up too. An overly enthusiastic bit of dry humping combined with a pair of Miss H's pajama bottoms that I can only assume were made out of sandpaper and broken glass, have resulted in a wicked abrasion alone left side of my sissy clit head. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I would have just stopped and let things heal after Friday night. Instead, on Saturday we got right back into things.

I was working on a few things around the house Saturday during the day while Miss H was enjoying the free Showtime preview on Comcast. More specifically the free multi season marathon of Californication. To her that show is apparently like porn. I prefer chicks in boots and pvc and she gets fired up by David Duchovny. To each their own I guess.

So I make a joke about how I hope she's enjoying her porn which somehow leads to me loading up my external drive at her request to our Blu ray player and next thing you know we're naked, fooling around, and watching some real porn together.

That was the good part. The bad part, was I'm so horny at that point that as soon as Miss H said I was allowed to touch myself I started stroking like a mad man. About a half hour of that combined with an already existing tender area and you've got a problem. A very delicate, glowing red problem. Thankfully Miss H has let me forgo the CB-6000 chastity cage for a while until I'm healed up. That hasn't stopped her however from teasing me about how horny she's been recently and what she would let me do to her if only I wasn't temporarily "broken" as she so kindly puts it. 

I'm feeling a lot better today, each caress of my panties as I walk is no longer making me cringe like it did yesterday so that's a plus. As a side note Miss is doing just fine with no lingering effects from her killer lube the other night. Now if I can only get myself all healed up we can get back to business.

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