Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puppet Master

Or more correctly is that Puppet Mistress in the case of Miss H? Either way Miss H is pulling the strings with Beth again (see yesterday's post for the back story). Earlier this week Beth txted me asking if I wanted to me her for lunch because we both happened to be off from work that day. Knowing full well that Miss H would be less then thrilled about that little rendezvous I told her I couldn't. I said that Miss H had found the last batch of txts she had written me and was quite upset about it, I left out the part where it was actually Miss H herself writing those txts to Beth in the first place pretending to be me. I told Beth that I didn't want to do anything to jeopardize my relationship with Miss H so I couldn't go. Beth's was annoyed both because I couldn't go but more so that I had "been so stupid as to not delete the messages and cover my tracks". She then again asked if I would meet with her saying that Miss H would never know because she was at work and wouldn't find out. I politely declined and that seemed to be the end of that.

When Miss H arrived home I showed the latest exchange with Beth to her and we both kind of marveled at how, well, she was trifling, to use the vernacular of the Jerry Springer show.

We didn't really discuss any more then that and just went about the rest of our night in our usual manner. The next night as we were sitting in bed Miss H casually mentioned that the next time Beth asks if Miss H and I would like to go out for dinner, etc (which btw, she does with surprising regularity) that I should in fact accept the offer and all three of us could go together or barring that at least I could go. Again, on the surface seems like a strange thing for her to suggest, but as we talked it over the reasons behind her decision became more and more clear. Miss H knows two important facts - 1) Beth wants me desperately and 2) Miss H knows that although I wouldn't act on it, I kind of get off on the ego boost having Beth so interested in me provides. Therefore putting the two of us in such close proximity provides a pretty good mental "tweak" to both Beth and myself. 

Beth gets excited and then frustrated because it appears that I'm interested in taking things to another level with her but never quite to the level she really wants, and Miss H gets to flex her muscles and show me just how much control she does have over me. I'm "free" to do what ever I want with Beth but the problem is I'll be wearing a butt plug, thick padded diaper, CB-6000 chastity cage, women's lingerie, and painted toe nails beneath my regular clothes. Beth is not exactly what you'd call progressive when it comes to her views on sexuality, which is a nice way of saying she makes Rick Santorum seem pretty liberal by comparison. If you're not out working in a coal mine or clubbing a baby seal to death then you're basically a giant pussy. She'll often make comments about how guys she usually is interested in are much bigger and manlier then I am so she's not sure what the attraction is.

So I don't think it's much of a stretch to believe her desire for me would evaporate the second she saw what a little sissy diaper bitch I really am. Plus, the fact that she would then tell everyone where we work about it is just one more reason to stay as far from her vagina as possible. In a way, what Miss H is doing is just another form of chastity. She waves fresh meat in front of me knowing full well I can't act on it in even the slightest manner. Every come on and sexual innuendo that Beth puts out there just tweaks me that much more as I sit there helpless, realizing just how much control Miss H really has. I'm alone with a beautiful woman who would sleep with me at the drop of a hat, yet Miss H who's sitting far away in her office still has complete command of my sex life. 

I feel like a dog who just had an invisible fence installed around their yard. I'm not sure why the old metal fencing was taken down and I'm suddenly allowed to run free, but I do, only to realize that this new found freedom was just an excuse to show me that although the the cage is different, the same control will always be there.


  1. You two should be ashamed of yourselves as to what you're doing to this woman.... This is what is wrong with the world....

    Reminds me of the Mom who created a facebook page of a guy who friended and liked a girl down the road and she ended up killing herself...

    Same thing you two are doing... Messing with this girls head...

    Wow, really fucked up.... Bullys you two are...

    You taken Bdsm to a new level...

    Goodbye and good luck..

    1. I'm sorry you feel that way, I've really enjoyed your comments over the past few months and will be sad to see you go. Perhaps we have gone to far and it's time to reconsider. However as some one who has been a victim of cheating in the past, I have a hard time shedding a tear for a person who is actively trying to break up an established relationship especially when she knows full well we're getting married soon. Especially when she goes out of her way to suggest ways for me to sneak behind Miss H's back and cheat on her.

      I don't instigate any contact with her and only reply in "a mean way" when she is overtly trying to engineer a sexual encounter between the two of us. If she wants to talk about the weather I'm nice as pie, it's only when she takes things too far that it gets unpleasant.

      That being said, thank you for taking the time to respond and I wish you well in your own kinky endeavors.