Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holiday wrap-up

Miss H and I are seemingly recovered from the hectic holiday season so I figured it would be a good time to do a quick recap of how our Christmas went. For starters, it was quite enjoyable. It had a really nice "family" feel to it as we got to spend a lot of quality time with my family, hers, and us. Another thing I enjoyed is that the longer Miss H and I are together, the more the line between kinky life and vanilla life continues to blur. Last year was really the first Christmas that we exchanged "adult" presents with each other. It felt kind of weird to give her a sex toy to open right along with her regular gifts but we both enjoyed it and the initial awkwardness didn't last long once we got started.

This year, buying kinky presents seemed much more natural and both of our shopping lists had fetish gear listed right along with blu-ray players and Flyers shirts. There was a fleeting moment where I kept thinking, Christmas is a time for romantic diamond bracelets, not inflatable dildo's, but that's the beauty of our relationship, what's abnormal for many people is just the norm for us.

Compared to last year, I have to admit I was rather tame in my kinky presents to her. I got her some high end makeup, some new stockings, and a really nice garter belt. I was going to get some assorted bondage gear, but unlike last year when we were just getting into our FLR and we still occasionally switched, bondage gear wasn't something that Miss H would be using on herself very often anymore. I felt like like it was a kind of topping from the bottom thing if I bought something I wanted to be tied up in and gave it to her as a present for her. In hindsight she probably would have enjoyed some new device to torture me with so perhaps next year I'll add something interesting to the mix under the tree.

For me, she got me a Fleshlight, inflatable sex doll, some awesome wet look stockings, and makeup. She had mentioned many times before how I was constantly messing up her panties and pajama bottoms with my leaking pre-cum as I dry humped her leg or ass, so a fake masturbator might be a good idea. That way she could still provide a small reward when she thought I deserved it, but wouldn't have to ruin her clothes or deal with my tiny little clit in her hand.

I can already imagine her simply laying on her side, placing the fleshlight between her legs facing behind her, and if I've been good, spoon behind her and fuck the fake pussy while she reads a book or otherwise ignores me. Providing pleasure in the most cold, clinical manner possible. Or just simply holding it in front of me while I furiously pump the tight silicone sleeve inside the tube, watching in disgust as I debase myself in front of her, all for a few brief moments of pleasure that I'm unable to get anywhere else. 

The doll is even more ominous. You can *kind of* make a case for the Fleshlight. It's considered an actual masturbation aide and certainly not a cheap investment. Judging by the number sold and the various new models and variations they keep releasing, it's also extremely popular. A blow up sex doll on the other hand is nothing but the joke of countless movies and TV shows. It's more of a bachelor party gag then anything that's actually going to get you off. The shame and humiliation of being made to fuck such an absurd plastic creation is going to be horrible. At least with the Fleshlight there will be some interaction, even though no real physical contact with Miss H. With the doll I can only assume she'll just let me loose on it and perhaps watch if I'm lucky, ignore me if I'm not. She had me try it out briefly the other night and it was certainly embarrassing to put it lightly. I was allowed to put my clit in it to see if the opening was long enough to use, and it was. It probably won't be long until I have a longer, and more personal, experience with it in the future.

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