Sunday, January 22, 2012

Not exactly how I intended

Last night was the first time Miss H and I really had a chance to play all week. We've snuck in some quick tease and denial sessions but have been so busy with a multitude of other things that there hasn't been time to get into anything more extensive. We spent the earlier part of the day doing some work around the house with the thought being that around 7pm or so we'd grab a shower and afterwards have a drink and just relax and unwind for a bit before we got into things. Probably my first mistake was what I chose to drink, a nice big bottle of Everclear and another of apple juice. A cold Pepsi sitting on the side as my chaser of choice and with that the night began.

For anyone unfamiliar with Everclear, it's a 190 proof grain alcohol that according to Wikipedia -

"190-proof Everclear is in regular use amongst fine woodworkers and luthiers as the shellac solvent in French polish finishing. Everclear, as well as other neutral grain spirits, is typically added to a variety of other drinks, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and iced tea. It is sometimes added to cocktails in place of vodka or rum and is used in Jell-O shots. It is also used to make homemade liqueurs, such as limoncello, and is used in cooking because its high concentration of alcohol acts as a solvent to extract flavors.
Everclear can be used as an antiseptic, as a fuel in camping stoves, and as a cleaner for the restoration of smoking pipes."

So while I'm sitting there knocking back crap that poor college kids and the homeless look down upon, Miss H is having a Gin and tonic and maintaining her dignity. In my defense though, I was buzzed *way* quicker then she was. My success with Everclear is kind of hit or miss. I don't drink it all that much but when I do it either provides the perfect level of drunkness to accompany a night of insane kinkiness, or crushing death as I want to go puke up a lung. Last night neither happened. Initially Miss H allowed me to enter her from behind, and then finger her while she used her favorite vibrator on herself. She came soon afterwards, but of course I was not granted the same relief. We then headed off toward the bedroom and I got dressed in my favorite slut dress and platform shoes. There was some cuddling and dry humping and then, well then, the next thing I remember is waking up wondering why the room was so dark. I looked at my nightstand clock and saw it was 4am.

God damn it.

Miss H woke up and as I asked her what the hell happened, not like I didn't already know the answer though. "You were out like two seconds after we laid down", Miss H smiled. I was worried she might be pissed but she was fine with things. I quickly pulled next to her and she mentioned something about how she could feel the fully erect cock pressed up against her. She toyed with me for a while, teasing me about some ideas she had for our relationship in the future and was kind enough to actually touch me for a while with her hand. As usual it wasn't more then maybe 20 seconds and I was pulling away, trying not to cum because I was so horny and turned on. When she grew tired of me she dismissed me to my side of the bed so she could get some sleep. My rest did not come quite as quickly as hers. It's amazing how much easier it is to sleep when you're not wracked with desire and need. 

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