Thursday, January 12, 2012

On the edge

Yesterday was a day spent literally "on the edge". Along with some minor sex related injuries that I've blogged about recently, both of us have had a fair share of nagging little health issues like colds, a probably respiratory infection, etc so our kink has been limited for the most part. So yesterday as either a way to get things back to the normal highly charged sexual atmosphere we normally have (or just to screw with me), Miss H devised a plan. Each hour on the hour starting at 8am I was to txt her and ask for permission to edge myself and she would then give me the amount of time I was allowed to do it. Edging always makes me crazy horny for obvious reasons, all that sexual charge gets built up and never released, and Miss H was well aware of that.

When that initial hour rolled around I was about to get a shower but I txted her first as she had instructed. "You may masturbate for one minute", was all she wrote. A minute might seem like a very short time, and it was, but being denied over four months and constantly teased and denied by Miss H has left me with a virtual hair trigger. It was close, but I still managed to get to the point of cumming and stop within the allotted time frame. I responded to her txt with a note saying that I had finished.

When it was 9am it was pretty much a repeat of the first edging although this time I was given 5 minutes which let me enjoy things a bit more. After wards I went for a short walk before completing my 10am edging. She joked that I had better make it a quick walk because it would be rather embarrassing for me if 11am came around and I was outside walking and suddenly forced to find a spot to edge. Not sure if she was serious or not, I made sure to be home by 10:40. For 11am I was allowed 10 minutes and the option to watch porn while edging if I wanted. By the end of those ten minutes I so desperately wanted to cum but had to stop and txt Miss H I was finished.

I had to run to Lowe's to get something for a little project I'm working on for Miss H. A small piece of bondage furniture I'm building, but more info on that and some pictures too when it's completed. Anyway, I get to Lowe's, find what I need and I'm doing great on time because we live like 5 minutes away from the store at max. Like a dumbass though I get caught up looking at some other stuff, a few things for the garden for this upcoming spring, a new houseplant I liked, some new rope and chain that Miss H might like, etc. I get a txt from a friend and as I'm reading it I suddenly panic as I see it's 12:03. Now, not only am I late, but I'm also looking at a patio fire pit in the middle of Lowe's. Crap.

I txted Miss H to explain the situation and ask her for an extension so I could get home to edge myself. She can be very accommodating some times so I figured there was at least a 70/30 shot at being allowed to go home first. However that was not the case. I'll save you the text of the rather lengthy message I got back in response, but the general gist was that she was annoyed that I seemed to be taking advantage of her kindness and asking to get out of all sorts of situations that were uncomfortable but not "dangerous". We have a rule where I'm expected to do exactly what Miss H says unless there's a compelling reason to do so, such as may cause unwanted physical harm, could directly interfere with work in a negative way, etc. Wearing a butt plug and diaper to work might not be a fun task, but I can keep things under wrap and no real problems would arise. Going to work dressed as a hooker on the other hand is probably going to get me fired.

I admit I've whined a bit much about certain things Miss H wanted me to and in hindsight I probably should have just shut up and done what I was told, but I didn't and a person can only feel taken advantage of for so long before they react, and that's just what Miss H did. Her response was basically along of the line of "do it or else". She said walk down an empty aisle and put your hand down your pants if you had to, but get it done and get it done now. I had a big bulky Flyer's hoodie on so I probably could have snuck off somewhere and done it relatively unnoticed but I was worried about getting caught or worse so I headed off to the bathroom instead. I wasn't sure if Miss H specifically wanted me to do it out in the store or if the semi-privacy of the bathroom would be ok. I was nervous to ask for fear that she would explicitly state that I *had* to do it in the store so I went with my earlier plan.

The bathroom was nearly empty when I walked in, one guy washing his hands at the sink but that was it. The bathroom itself had a maybe 4 urinals and about 5-6 stalls, one of which was an over sized handicap stall. I chose a stall in the middle of the pack, went in and quickly locked the door behind me. I was really nervous, even though nobody could see me it just felt like everybody in the store knew exactly what I was doing. As I lowered my pants I heard someone else enter the bathroom. I finally sat down and started stroking myself. Initially I was so nervous I almost couldn't get hard. I snapped a quick pic to prove to Miss H what I was doing and just sat there motionless as more people came in and out of the bathroom. Eventually I calmed down enough and started masturbating again. This time I got hard right away and spent the next ten minutes or so alternating between jerking off to porn on my phone and snapping pictures of myself in the stall.

When my time was up I got up, walked out of the stall, washed my hands, and calmly left the bathroom, walking right past a Lowe's employee in his tiny red vest, completely unaware that a little sissy with painted toenails and wearing women's panties was just stroking himself off in the bathroom he was now walking into.

My next time to edge came around when I was in the backyard working on my previously mentioned bondage project. I was maybe thirty five feet from the back door of our house, in the shed, so I could have easily just stepped inside but I wanted to show Miss H that I had learned my lesson from earlier. I was outside so that's where I would edge. I pulled the doors of the shed closed, txted her permission to edge and waited. She soon replied that I had just 7 minutes this time. I didn't mention I was in the shed but did as I was told, spending the next seven minutes stroking myself over and over again to the point where I was almost going to cum, then stopping. It was torture to quit after seven minutes but that's what I did, my body desperate for some relief that I knew all to well wasn't going to happen.

Just like I was left high and dry, so must you. I have exactly twenty five minutes until I have to be at my Dentist appointment so I'll have to save the rest of yesterday's adventure's until most likely tomorrow. Bye for now...

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