Friday, January 27, 2012

More edging torture

This morning as Miss H and I woke up she was very clear about how I was going to spend my day off. "Every hour on the hour you're to masturbate and edge yourself without cumming for ten minutes. Then txt me each you do", she said as she got up to get herself ready for work. She had done this in the past, the most recent being a week or two ago. It always ends up making me a horny puddle of sexual need by the end of the day and desperate as hell to get my fix of her gorgeous body when she gets home.

At 9 and 10am I wasn't allowed to edge while watching any type of porn so instead I played back various fantasies and real life things I've done with Miss H in my head as I stroked myself over and over again to the point where cumming was literally just a split second away, only to stop each time. As each hour passed I would txt Miss H like she had asked and occasionally she would send back a short reply which just turned me on that much more. I really like the idea of us having our own private "thing" something that just the two of us know about. Kind of a dirty little thrill that no one working around Miss H in her busy office have any idea about.

Just after finishing my 10am edge I figured that if I really hauled ass I'd be able to make it to the closest food store and get a few things we needed around the house. I thought I was making pretty good time but between spending to much time wandering around looking at stupid stuff and waiting in one of only two painfully slow lines I saw that it was already 10:55am. No way I'd make it home in time. I could have used the bathroom there to do my edge but I was afraid a clerk or somebody would snag my cart while I was in the bathroom so I just headed out to my car after paying for my stuff. It was now just after 11am by the time I returned the car and got into the car. I usually park way out in the middle of nowhere in the parking lot because that way I manage to get an extra little bit of exercise in as I walk to and from the store. Initially I was going to txt Miss H and tell her I would be a bit late with my 11am edge but then I figured fuck it, nobody was parked withing like 200 feet of me so except for the occasional passing car I would be pretty safe.

At noon I was allowed to edge myself with porn of my choice if I wanted to, which, I did.

Just your regular sissy/femdom porn but it did the trick nicely. 1pm came and went with another ten minutes of edging to start the hour. It was nice and once again when I finished I let Miss H know. I was looking forward to 2pm because Miss H said that at two I could masturbate using anything in the house I wanted to. I thought about using some porn, or maybe the Fleshlight, but eventually I settled on a pair of Miss H's shoes. Now I've very open with Miss H about how I have a huge shoe/foot fetish which for the most part she enthusiastically engages in. She loves having her toes sucked and her feet worshipped with my tongue but when it comes to shoes she's kind of neutral. Nothing against what gets me off but doesn't really excite her to the same degree.

Normally I prefer your average hooker shoes, six inch platforms, knee high boots, that sort of thing. Anything else I just don't care about. What's weird though is Miss H has this pair of kind of rubbery pink flats that she wears when the weather is nice. They are just about the most common, average looking woman's shoes you could find yet for some reason they drive me nuts. I don't know if it's the color or the slick material they're made of or just the fact I've worshiped her feet so many times after she's pulled them out of those shoes that I've started to have sort of a thing for them.

With all the things Miss H and I do, you'd think that not much would embarrass me around her but that's just not the case. There are so many things that even though we do quite a bit bit (such as diapers) that I still  almost melt with shame when we talk about them. Obsessing about her shoes is one of them and as much as I'd love to rub the cock all over them and feel them on me I just feel crazy awkward mentioning it or doing it in front of her. So I decided to do it now when I didn't have to deal with the shame of having her watch me. Knowing that she'll soon find out when she reads this blog is even more of a turn on. The nerves of not knowing whether she'll not even bother to mention it to me or make fun of me mercilessly gets me hard and wet with an adrenaline rush.

Two more edges after that and now she should be home soon. I can't wait to see her.

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