Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Toying with her prey

I'm pretty sure that in a past blog post I talked briefly about a woman I work with who, from the minute we met, has been deeply interested in me. If I did, then unfortunately a little bit of this you've heard before. If not (because I'm to lazy right now to bother to go back and check) then just bare with me though the first paragraph or two until we get to the good stuff. She's something like eight years younger then me and has a small, almost four year old child. At first I thought she was just being really friendly or enjoyed flirting pretty hard with me. That is, until she told me a few weeks after initially meeting her that, "to bad your with Miss H or I would fuck you in ways you couldn't imagine".

She's a nice enough person but we're rather different in a number of ways. She has a definite kind of blue collar, rough and tumble attitude about her while I'm much more subdued and quite. She couldn't care less what people think about her, I'm self conscious. You get the idea. Anyway, she'll text me occasionally at work or at home with what at first are  just innocent messages and before long they get rather personal and jump right into sketchy and more than simple flirting.

Now I know where my bread is buttered so I'm not about to do anything that could potentially cause a problem between Miss H and myself so as soon as anything started happening I let her know. I told her what she had said and will show her the txt messages as soon as they come in. I've also made it crystal clear to this person (for the sake of this blog we'll call her "Beth" ) that not only am I with Miss H, and wouldn't cheat on her, we're engaged and getting married soon. Obviously Miss H isn't a big fan of Beth, but instead of marching down to my job and punching her in the face or something similar, Miss H has engaged in a more sinister way to deal with it, messing with her mind.

Miss H knows Beth is doing everything in her power to try to tempt me because she wants to go out with me. Beth frequently talks about how she's lonely and wants someone to be in a relationship. As much as it turns me on and provides an ego stroke to know that this hot chick wants me so bad, that is just not something I want any part of. My life with Miss H right now is so amazing in so many different ways. I love Miss H with every fiber of my being and she truly means the world to me. The mere thought of ever cheating on her doesn't even register on my radar yet I understand that naturally Miss H might feel threatened so I make it a point to reinforce to Beth that I'm not breaking up with Miss H now or ever. This seems to only charge up Beth more as her txts become more and more direct, while at the same time trying to say she just wants to be friends by inviting both Miss H and myself out to dinner, etc.

So what Miss H will do when Beth txts is begin to answer as if it was me. A horny, desperately in need of a younger single woman, me. She flirts right back with her *hard* to a sexual level that I don't take it on my own. It might seem a counter intuitive way to "get back at her", but strangely it works. She'll tell me the next day or whatever about how lonely and sad the txts make her because she can't have what she really wants. The pained look on her face as she describes the emotions she's feeling would have Miss H grinning from ear to ear if she could ever see it. I realize some people might be reading this and thinking it's mean what's going on but this is someone trying to interfere and break up an established relationship. Someone who knows we're getting married and still txt's me messages about ways I could "hide my tracks" from Miss H so she would never know what Beth and I were doing if I wanted to.

This is exactly why I don't mess with Miss H, some woman would flip out, call Beth's cell phone and read her the riot act, etc. Miss H on the other hand is calm like a surgeon, and quietly and meticulously moves in to eviscerate her soul with a scalpel of pure viciousness. Me personally, I would rather have my car keyed or something like that then have my emotions toyed with and abused for weeks and months on end as I tried to steal someones boyfriend.

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