Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fiery vagina of doom

Now is that a blog post title or what? Unfortunately for Miss H and myself, although to be honest, more unfortunate for her, that title is strikingly appropriate. What started out hot and heavy turned into surprisingly scary but thankfully ended up ok. Things began innocently enough, I was watching the Sugar Bowl and Miss H casually mentioned that I was to get into my pink sissy pj's and come to bed when it was over. Around midnight I walked into our bedroom and before long we were kissing, cuddling, rubbing, and engaged in some wonderful dirty talk to properly set the mood.

Miss H was virtually done her period but initially was hesitant for me to go down on her or really touch her that much. I don't really have a problem with period sex, it's a pretty neutral thing for me. It doesn't turn me on but at the same time I don't go off running and screaming at the thought of it either. Well Miss H must have been extra horny last night because it wasn't long before she was roughly pushing my head down between her thighs. She even allowed me to put my sissy clit inside of her. She was enjoying herself but I felt bad because I was so close to cumming that I was going way to slow and delicate for her liking. After only a few minutes of this she kind of propped herself up on her elbows and nearly out of breath yelled, "get the sheath".

Excitedly I ran off to grab the rubber cock extender that I had purchased a few months back. For those unfamiliar with a cock sheath, it's simply a hollow silicone dildo that you insert your penis in and is kept in place by a ring that fits around your balls. It allows me to fuck her with a much bigger dick then I naturally have and not have to worry about going slow because the sheath prevents 95% of all physical sensation to the wearer.

It's a real mind fuck to be so desperately horny all the time then to be allowed to feel her legs wrapped around me, and the motion of fucking back and forth against her and yet receive absolutely no pleasure from it. Every sensation is there, the feel of her skin, the sounds of her moans, the grip of her hands as she pulls me deeper inside of her, everything about sex that I've missed so much is there except for any sexual gratification.

So after rubbing lube all over the shaft of the big rubber dick I started fingering her which immediately got a positive result. I slowly pushed the head of the sheath into her, being careful not to go to fast and hurt her. I was surprised how quickly and easily it just slid all the way in however. She let our moans of pleasure like I hadn't heard in a while. To see her becoming so turned on and almost animalistic in her fucking was getting me off like you couldn't believe. Even being trapped inside the sheath I still had to slow down once or twice because I thought I was going to cum I was so turned on. The extremely slight friction caused by the sheath occasionally rubbing against my sissy clit almost had me losing control.

Miss H's mood then suddenly changed. She started with a much different moaning sound and started almost thrashing around. At first I thought she was just really losing herself in the moment and about to cum when she suddenly pushed me away and quickly got up out of bed. "What's wrong?", I asked, worried that I had hurt her or something. With a pained look on her face she said something about "it burns", before rushing into the bathroom. I was kind of scared at this point so I knocked on the door. She opened it and I saw her turning on the shower. She seemed a bit more relaxed but still obviously uncomfortable. "I think I had a reaction to that lube", she said. "At first it felt really good when you were inside me then it suddenly started to burn like hell. I'm going to try to take a shower and wash it off and see if that helps". I asked if there was anything I could do and she said no. She said not to worry, I hadn't done anything wrong. I didn't go to deep or cut her or anything like that, it was more then likely just a bad reaction to the lube we had used.
When she was out of the shower we sat on the bed and talked about what had just happened. Miss H is very sensitive to a number of things, she uses special soap and body wash because she's had similar problems with other personal care items in the past. There's never been a reaction like this to the lube before and we've had this particular one for a while now. She mentioned that sometimes when she uses it to jerk me off she'll get a red area on her hand but this level of intense reaction was a definite first. To ensure something like this never happens again I"m going to look into other lubes to see if they have a sensitive skin/no perfumes and dyes type thing and maybe use a condom over any dildoes to ensure that some ingredient in the toy isn't also contributing to the problem.  Thankfully Miss H is just fine this morning and there were no lasting complications.


  1. I'm sensitive to lube as well, but nowhere near that kind of reaction that your Mistress had. The only lube that we've found that works for me is 'Slippery When Wet', with aloe very in it.
    You may want to try it?

    I'm still grinning at your blogpost title however because I just cant get "Indiana Jones & the Fiery Vagina of Doom" out of my head! ;D

    (and its stuff like that that earns me 'Smartass Penalties' from my own Mistress!)

    --tia, slave to Mistress Cherie

  2. Thanks for the suggestions, we'll have to try it. Hopefully that prevents any further flame ups.