Monday, July 25, 2011

All alone.

Miss H left Sunday night for a business trip, a trip that will finally bring an end to the mega project she's been working on for what seems like every minute of the past two months. While I'm happy that it's finally coming to an end, I'm also sad because I hate not having her with me. Even though when she's been here our time has been limited, it was always a wonderful feeling to wake up in the middle of the night and see her finally in bed, sleeping like an angel next to me. The way she would groggily wake up for a second to hold my arm after I put it around her, only to soon fall back asleep, snuggled up against each other.

That's one reason I haven't posted in a few days, I just haven't been "in the mood" to write about kinky stuff. I'm feeling a bit better today, being able to talk to her on the phone and share a bunch of txt messages of both the kinky and vanilla variety has perked me right up and given me the motivation to write today's entry.

Even though I wouldn't think of breaking any of Miss H's standing rules, she wasn't about to take any chances so therefore my CB-6000 chastity cage was to remain on at all times during Mistress's absence. She did allow me to switch from my standard metal padlock to a plastic lock. We do have an emergency key for the cage at home, but seeing as how it's secured with a combination lock and that Miss H will be indisposed an unable to answer her phone for long periods of her absence, she thought it would be safer to have the plastic lock so I could quickly remove it if there was an actual crisis and needed it off.

She didn't specifically order me to send her photo proof but it's always assumed that I will provide photo evidence to her of any tasks, etc that are done outside her eyesight. This time I decided to do that, but also post them here, hopefully making it more interactive for you, the reader, as well. This first picture was taken yesterday.

This next picture was taken this morning.

Obviously it doesn't take a genius to realize that these pics could be faked in order to "prove" that I was wearing the cage the entire time when I actually wasn't. For example it wouldn't be hard to push the key almost all the way together but not actually lock it in and engage the plastic mechanism. Then take a few pics before removing it and being free. You would look at the pics and assume that the cage was locked in when in reality it wasn't. However what's the point of that? Miss H is giving me the gift of her dominance so doing anything but exactly what she commands is disrespectful and just plain lazy. Why risk losing that? Besides, being denied just makes me want her that much more ;)


  1. I am the Owner of Mine, I follow you on Tumblr as Sofuckingowned. I have read your blog, I am pleased to read that you appreciate Miss H's dominance and discipline.
    I wanted to say that I like the idea of the denied orgasm counter, I am forever forgetting how long Mine has been orgasm free, I think a counter is a fantastic idea to further measure his devotion.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to write and follow me both here and on Tumblr, that's very kind of you. If you're interested in making a ticker I use but you can find a more elaborate one at

  3. thanks so much, I just logged on to track it down. I have told Mine about it and he is very keen to have his devotion measured for everyone to see. I appreciate the link.

  4. My pleasure, happy to help! Btw, love your Tumblr!