Tuesday, July 26, 2011

She's almost home.

Just one more day till Miss H returns home from her business trip and I can hardly wait. We've been texting on and off through out the day which is only making it more difficult for me to be patient, going into great detail about what she expects from me and to do *to* me when she arrives back. Between the canings and the strap-on, it sounds like my little sissy ass is going to get a work out to make up for lost time.

It's been much too long since I've felt the pleasure of Miss H's big pink dildo ramming deep inside of me. It's one of the most personal acts she and I engage in and also one of my favorite. I connect with her in such a emotional way when we do it, I feel exposed, used, and absolutely submissive but at the same time also very much loved and protected. It's also taken on a new level as, with some practice, I can now cum by her penetration alone without the need for any direct cock stimulation. It really reinforces the dynamic of the female led relationship along with many other aspects of me being her sissy bitch.

The other thing I've come to miss are those daily rituals that Miss H has set in place for me. I had gotten so use to doing them that suddenly being left by myself has gotten me feeling sort of "off". Little things that I had taken for granted because they had become part of our day to day routine were now sorely lacking as I found myself unable to perform them. Simple things like packing her lunch in the morning, or waiting naked, leashed, and on all fours by the front door for her to get home from work, or just kissing her feet before I went to bed and thanking her for allowing me to serve her, all seemed like pleasures I wasn't able to receive any longer.  I even noticed myself desperately missing the nightly caning Miss H gave me.

I like structure in my life and Miss H excels at that, her daily routines do wonders to keep me in the loving, submissive, obedient state I know she prefers. The chastity might provide her with the raw, willing material, but it's her training in the form of structure and discipline that turns that clay into the form she desires.

Ah, but the strap-on play will have to wait for another night, my daily tasks for another day. Tonight all I can do is merely post a picture of today's continued chastity while I count down the hours to Miss H's arrival. 

I love you Miss H...

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