Friday, July 15, 2011

Humiliation cuts both ways pt. 2

If you'll remember, yesterday's blog post ended with me being dressed in one of the most unsexy, humiliating outfits I could imagine, wearing a thick diaper covered with a pair of pantyhose, topped with a nightgown straight out of Golden Girls. So, I wasn't sure if Miss H was in any type of sexual mood at all so as to not upset her I tried to stay rather docile and lay quietly next to her. It wasn't hard because I felt so ashamed I just sort of pushed my head down in the pillow and tried to hide from her occasional glance.

Without saying a word she eventually started softly stroking my head and back, sometimes moving her hand over my ass and down my thigh, teasing me by getting just close enough to her cock so I would think she was going to rub over the top of it (or as close as she could considering it was carefully tucked away under the diaper) before detouring off in another direction. She was now sitting up in bed with her back against the wall as I moved closer to her and put my arms around her waist while still laying down. Miss H pulled her right leg up so her foot was right at crotch level and began ever so delicately twirling her foot, making small circles around the front of the diaper. I would groan in ecstasy because even that little bit of sensation against her cock felt amazing. Being deprived for so long means that even the most simple of physical contact drives me wild. As she would straighten her leg out I instinctively, like an animal in heat, began furiously dry humping it, desperate to feel something.

The sad part is even though the sensations were minimal at best, it still didn't take longer then maybe a minute tops to almost cum. I had to clench down with all my might and pull away from Miss H in order to stave off the orgasm that would have flooded my little sissy diaper. And lets not forget, this wasn't even direct contact between cock and leg, I was secured behind two padded diapers, a pair of plastic panties, and the pantyhose and yet I still was so horny I almost came. By now my face was buried in the side of her ass while my hips kept rhythmically pumping faster and faster until the point I would have to abruptly stop as not to make a mess.

Miss H repeated this over and over again for what seemed like at least an hour or so. When I almost came she would pull her leg away slightly while I caught my breath and calmed down, then her foot would move back and the teasing would start anew, the straightening of her leg being the signal to resume my pathetic dry humping. Like a puppy dog I followed her every physical cue on command, the same pattern repeated over and over. Every so often she would make me say out loud how grateful I was that she was making me dress like this or how I was a pathetic excuse for a man and should be happy I'm even allowed to try and fuck her leg through my sissy diaper or any other number of derogatory things. During this time I heard the familiar "snap" sound coming from my iPhone. I always kept it next to the bed and Miss H likes to borrow it in order to get pictures for our blogs as well as for personal use. I didn't pay much attention to it because she's a photographer in the making, constantly capturing the moment as we get into what ever types of kinky debauchery we can.

Several times she suddenly got very quite and remained almost perfectly still for several minutes. I thought it was odd, but was so distracted by other matters that at the moment things didn't register. Miss H soon ordered me to stop and roll over, I was done for the night and she wanted to go to bed. It was then that I figured something was up, she was just staring at my phone with a smile on her face. "The videos I took of you turned out great", she laughed. All I could do was cringe in horror and slink back between the pillow and her ass, too miserable to look her in the face. "You took video of that", I half hardheartedly mumbled as my mind quickly retraced in vivid detail what I had been doing for the past sixty minutes or so.

She had two long video clips of me dressed like this, furiously trying to fuck her leg from beneath a diaper, and not only enjoying it, but actively begging for more. Now normally I'm a total camera whore, I love having my picture taken and videos done, but this case was different. This time I wasn't begging her to see the footage immediately afterwards nor excited to post it online. That's footage that I hope I never have to lay eyes on again, and that my friends is true humiliation.

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