Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Put away when not in use.

Miss H has a very important project for work she's currently in the midst of. It's big enough where she focuses just about every waking minute on it. While I obviously miss the time with her, I understand and support her 100% in what she's doing. I try my best to make this time easier for her by attending to chores around the house, making sure she doesn't need anything, etc because I know she's under a lot of stress. Sometimes though the best stress relief she has is taking out a little frustration and nervous energy on me by means of a harsh caning or other punishment. Occasionally these are deserved, but in most cases they're just because she feels like it. Even if I didn't like the abuse I wouldn't fight it, because making Mistress happy in turn makes me happy. The joy I see in her eyes is well worth the welts and bruises so leaves on my ass.

Last night I got the following email from her -

"I'm feeling hyper and particularly wicked. Here are tonight's plans: around 11, you will have showered and laid out: everything you wear with the diapers, pink duct tape, bondage mittens, earplugs,  the bondage bag, and the hood. Shortly thereafter, I will bind you, then proceed to ignore you for the rest of the night. When I wake up in the morning, I'll undo you. You must have peed in your diaper to be released, but you won't be released simply because you've peed. In other words, if you go at 3 a.m., you'll lay in it until I wake up in the morning.

Be sure to come ask to be uncaged before you shower. I'll close the blinds in my office when it gets dark.

Otherwise, don't plan on seeing much of me tonight, except for bathroom and water runs.

Let me know that you understand your tasks for the night, by posting something relevant on Twitter.

Love you, Sissy Christie,
Miss H."

I'm not going to lie, I was both really turned on and simultaneously a bit nervous at the same time. I love the hood and bondage bag but this was going to be a long time, longer then I've ever been immobilized like that before. I think the previous record was around seven hours or so. This would be at least 10 hours because Miss H was going in to work late (Dr's appointment) so she wouldn't even be waking up till 8:30am or so at the earliest. The complete sensory deprivation of the hood with blindfold, ear plugs, bondage mittens, and bondage bag can start messing with your mind after a while. Often times I start to get a little anxious and have to consciously force myself to relax so I don't start getting panicky after extended time like that. Plus the fear of having an accident and leaking outside of my diaper had me a bit gun shy as well.

Miss H helped me get ready and slide into the bag on top of our bed when I was done. The sudden darkness and utter silence was exhilarating, my only sensations were the sound of my own breathing and the feel of the multiple straps being tied tightly all around me. I could feel the bed move as Miss H then took her place next to me, reading a book, doing work, or maybe just watching TV, I couldn't tell. My only thought being that I was going to remain like this for the next ten hours. It was going to be a long night.

Btw, like my belly button piercing? ;)

Every so often Mistress would take her hand and caress the top of my diaper through the bondage bag. I wasn't sure if she was doing this to reassure me she was watching over me and everything was ok or if she was just doing it to fuck with me, to show how helpless I really was. Whatever the reason, it never failed to turn me on, her little cock getting rock hard and pouring out pre-cum beneath the thick diaper. Although I couldn't hear her with the earplugs and hood on, I'm sure she was laughing as she watched me immediately buck my hips and dry hump the diaper after each pat on the diaper, desperately trying to relieve the aching desire to cum I was feeling.

I must have fallen asleep soon after because the next thing I remember is being awoken by Miss H as I felt her undoing the laces on my hood. I knew it couldn't have been the morning yet so I resisted slightly, I didn't want her to think I couldn't handle wearing it longer. Ultimately though it was pointless as she soon removed it and took out the ear plugs. "Do you know what time it is?", she asked with a smile. "About midnight", I offered as my eyes slowly became accustomed to the bright lights in our bedroom. She laughed,"it's almost 4am. I was up with work stuff." She then went on to say that she had removed the hood because it's one thing for me to be bound like this if she was close by, quite another to do it when she was asleep. If the hood moved or something happened, I could suffocate and she might not even know it as she slept.

I was a bit dissapointed about not wearing it all night and I could tell she was too, but she was right, asphyxiating in my sleep isn't exactly sexy or fun. I straightened up in the bag, assuming that she would then take the bondage bag and the rest of the stuff off as well. "No one said anything about letting you out, did they?", she remarked. "You're allowed to squirm over here and cuddle up next to me if you'd like. However you are *not* permitted to dry hump against me. If you can't control yourself with that then roll away from me to your other side and hump your diaper there. When you're finished you can return next to me." She didn't have to warn me not to cum, by now I'm all to familiar with the punishments that would result from such an infraction so the thought of doing that didn't even enter my mind. Without another word she turned off the over head light and I quickly pushed myself over to her to spoon her from behind.

Like a bitch in heat, several times I woke up up again in the middle of the night and had to roll over, just so I could feel the very faint but addicting feel of Miss H's little cock thrusting against the soft insides of the diaper, only to then return to Miss H when I had finished for the time being. Each time softly laying a gentle kiss on her neck as a thank you, being careful not to wake her.

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