Monday, July 11, 2011

A little premature?

Before Miss H and I really got into the kinky stuff I always considered myself solidly average in terms of staying power. I wasn't a porn star but wasn't a super quick premature ejaculator either. My oh my how time changes things.

Imagine yourself in the following scenario, each and every day, day in and day out you're forced to wear a cock cage that makes it not only impossible to get an erection, but makes even the attempt painful. The cage prevents any type of masturbation at all so your own penis becomes off limits to you, controlled by the woman who holds your key. Now imagine this woman not only has no problem with you looking at porn, but actively encourages it because she knows the vicious cycle it will start. Your horny because you can't cum so you look at porn, which makes you hornier and then because you can't cum you go back to the porn more and more because the need for release gets worse and worse. Like a terrible itch you can never quite scratch.

Things become even more insidious when your Mistress begins her almost daily tease and denial sessions. She doesn't have intercourse with you anymore and any type of oral sex on you is but a distant memory. She'll begin with verbally toying with you, making you beg to be released from the cage and allowed to cum. When she's grown tired of your wimpering she require you to orally service her feet or pussy. You eagerly do it, desperate for any type of sexual contact with her, secretly hoping that this will be the night she finally relents and lets you experience the orgasm that has been eluding you for months now.

When she has cum its time for the part you both crave and fear at the same time. She'll remove your cock cage, laughing as a puddle of precum pours out, and then take a large squirt of lube and begin slowly stroking your aching cock. She starts slowly, gently  rubbing the length of your shaft while whispering her darkest fantasies in your ear. The feel of her hand is unimaginable but the pleasure is short lived because you can already start feeling the first rumblings of an ejaculation starting to form. As much as you want to just cum all over the place, reveling in the feel of her hand jacking off your cock, you know you cant. Mistress has forbidden you from cumming without her permission and she most certainly won't give it to you tonight, not when you still have over a month left until your assigned release date.

For a second you think about having an "accident" and cumming, just so you can once again feel a bit of relief from the constant sexual pressure. That idea soon fades though as you remember what the horrible consequences of your failure would be, a caning that would be worse then anything you could imagine and more time in the cage added.

The teasing goes on for almost an hour usually, permeated with frequent stops and starts as you get ever closer to losing control of your body and cumming when you're not supposed to. It truly is a wicked predicament as what should be an enjoyable experience is turned into torture as you fight against your own sexual needs, struggling to keep calm, struggling to not fully enjoy the handjob because you don't want to cum and be punished.

Then just as soon as it starts it's over. She pulls away from you and gets up to leave, "get dressed, we're done" she snarls as she walks out of the room. Your cock pulsating and dripping, teetering on the edge of that all elusive orgasm, but denied once again.

Experience that every day for months and you'll be a shell of your former self. Miss H thinks it's funny that I can go from completely soft and unexcited to cumming in about thirty seconds. Now, if we dropped the kink and went back to our old "normal" ways, would I be able to last longer or am I now totally "broken"? I don't know and I hope I don't have to find out, for such is the life of a true sissy.

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