Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Panty trouble

What happens when you get a bit lax in taking care of your household laundry chores? You unfortunately end up with no clean panties. I stumbled into that minor yet highly annoying issue this morning when I was getting ready for work. Miss H was dissapointed in my lazy attitude about this but she seemed to be more in the mind set of "you made this problem so you fix it" more then actively punishing me, for she just chided me and went on about her business.

Looking through my panty drawer I found tons of panties, but no regular ones, instead just an assortment of micro thongs, mesh hip huggers, and other more sexy type panties then the everyday type I usually wear. Miss H has long since thrown out my male underwear so my choices for the day were limited. I love wearing the sexy panties but with the CB-6000 on I'm always worried that they'll be stretched out or damaged by the cage.

The type I normally wear.

The normal panties which I was out of are much more comfortable for extended wear and worked well with the CB-6000, helping to reduce any clanking noises made by the lock and dog tag against the hard plastic length of the cock cage. As I stood there with two giant handfuls of womens panties, Miss H happened to look over. "Those are perfect", she said, pointing at my frilly pink sissy rhumba panties. "Ugh", I sighed quietly under my breath. They are big, bulky, and super frilly, so much so that with the right pair of pants you can see their outline and puffiness right through them. There wasn't time to argue so I just pulled them on and got ready.

Subtle, huh?

I'll be doing laundry as soon as I get home today...


  1. Perhaps Sissy Christie should be sent to Victoria's Secret today with a note explaining that she is there to shopr for new panties because she was lazy in her laundry duties. Of course the note would explain all of this, including a request to have the sales associate choose some panties for Christie to try on in the fitting room before purchase. The note should probably also be signed by the associate to ensure that Christie does not "cheet" on the assignment.

    Also, I would suggest that maybe Miss H call the store after Christie is done shopping to ensure that she acted like a lady and was very polite and respectftul to the employees.

    Just an idea. :-)


  2. @Paige yikes, that's rough. Let's not be putting any ideas like that into Miss H's head now shall we ;)