Sunday, July 17, 2011

Posting preferences

You may have noticed that my last few posts have sort of been "serialized" and broken into multiple parts. I do that not to be a pain in the ass, but because it always seems like my blog posts are just a bit to much to cram into one single posting. Personally, when I'm reading other people's blog postings, I like them when they're neat, tidy, and to the point. I'm not looking to read a huge novel, just enough to keep my attention and provide some good info or an interesting story. Hopefully you feel the same way and don't mind me spreading 'em out.

The other side benefit is that I don't always have time to sit down and write the whole thing out in one shot so by writing each post as I have time, I can keep the updates flowing at a steady pace so with any luck there will always be something new to read or look at around here. Now if you'll excuse me, Miss H just started painting her nails so I have to crawl over and ogle her.

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